Oink! Oink! Bang! Bang!

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution says that gun violence is more serious than the swine flu.  Let’s see here, gun violence kills about 14,000 people a year.  During a typical flu season, it’s estimated that 30,000 – 50,000 people die from flu.  Models of a pandemic flu strain show deaths in the range of anywhere from 209,000 to 1.9 million.

That’s a considerably larger potential problem space than gun violence.  If the Atlanta-Journal and Constitution wants to shill for the Brady Campaign, they can at least do a little research.

8 thoughts on “Oink! Oink! Bang! Bang!”

  1. Cynthia Tucker is a liberal idiot that’s been removed from her position as Editorial Page Editor and reassigned to D.C. The AJC is finally figuring out that it doens’t pay to insult 70% of your potential readers on a daily basis.

    I wonder what Cindy thinks we should do about “car violence” since those dangerous vehicles killed over 41,000 Americans in 2007:


  2. Yeah… CDC says they don’t really have a hard number. Some of those Pneumonia deaths are complications from flu. The number given is just an estimate, but even on the low side it’s double the homicide rate.

  3. The Atlanta Urinal-Constipation has been circling the drain for years. They hate guns (and “gun nuts”) and take every opportunity to blast us.

    Maureen Downey has been particularly critical of GeorgiaCarry.org, claiming we want to endanger children and such.

    Not even worth wrapping a fish in most days.

  4. “gun violence kills about 14,000 people a year.”

    Nuh-uh! I heard a history teacher say it was A MILLION!!!!!!11!

    He’s a teacher so it HAS to be true! : ]

  5. Great post, Sebastion! Wonderful slam dunk of the fallacious media! Now somebody from Georgia PLEASE send this post to the AJC. Surely they have a readers’ response column. We must keep the public correctly informed – they vote! Oh, and I wonder: how many of those 14000 were criminals shot by police or their would-be victims?

  6. AJC is yanking at straws trying to remain in business. Thus the shake up. Yet, I still subscribe, for one reason: investigative reporting. They were far more on top of the indiscretions of previous Atlanta mayors than anyone else. Well, and local sports coverage, which they’ve improved to being less of a hater to my Yellow Jackets.

    I note no letters to the editor in this morning’s print edition that relate to Tucker.

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