The New Tolerance

Dissent was patriotic, until it no longer fit the party line. That’s the message in one Philadelphia classroom this year.

During a casual dress day, a student who support Mitt decided to wear a shirt that expressed her support – a fully protected right of the student in any public school. However, she was informed by her teacher that her school was “a Democratic school.” She was also threatened with having her shirt destroyed while she wore it. She was ordered to remove the shirt while having it compared to support the KKK. Then, the teacher tried to kick the student out of the public school classroom for daring to have a dissenting opinion from the supposedly officially “Democratic school.”

Philadelphia taxpayers will be happy to hear that they not only have to pay this teacher, but now they have to pay another teacher to come in teach the class because even the school district doesn’t believe the student could possibly feel comfortable in the classroom anymore.

The article doesn’t note a teacher’s name, but I think the parents would be fully within their rights to name the teacher who threatened their daughter. Put it out there for all to see. This isn’t a case of one inappropriate statement, these were threats and attempts at retaliation against a public school student just for having a different political opinion – something that has nothing to do with math class.

11 Responses to “The New Tolerance”

  1. Mininerd ISH says:

    Didn’t you read the memo from the State Department? The First Amendment doesn’t protect you if you dare to speak blasphemy! The child should be stoned and her parents lashed in the town square.

  2. Sage Thrasher says:

    I’m pretty sure the KKK has it in for Mormons, too.

  3. Firehand says:

    Pointed out to a friend a while back that for all his bitching, fact was the KKK was started by Democrats, served the same purpose for the Democrat party that the SS served for the Nazi party(that really pissed him off), and- for pretty much all its history- was made up of Democrats.

    Didn’t want to believe it, and tried to deflect the question around to avoid it.

    • Harold says:

      Wouldn’t it be more the SA Brown Shirts, street thugs and the like, instead of the “establishment” SS?

      • HSR47 says:

        The fact that many members of the establishment, including a longstanding member of the U.S. Legislature, were members would seem to suggest that your assertion isn’t wholly valid.

        • Harold says:

          We’re perhaps splitting hairs, but I think only if e.g. “Sheets” Byrd wore a KKK armband.

          You’re pointing out that some members of the establishment were also KKK members. I’m pointing out that once the Nazi party became the establishment in mid-1933, in less than a year Hitler was forced to liquidate the SA’s leadership and humble it and keep it humbled to the end of the Third Reich. The SS by contrast was among many other things the equivalent of the KGB, the sword and shield of the Communist Part of the Soviet Union (look at its insignia), and acted as such in the SA purge.

          Or look at it this way: SA were pestilent paramilitary thugs, somewhat like the KKK. The violence they were a party to had a lot to do with Hitler becoming Chancellor, and restoring social order was part of Hitler’s Unique Selling Proposition to the less radical member of German society. However they persisted in their street violence after the party gained complete power, they weren’t really under the control of Hitler until brought to heel. In the same way, I’m under the impression the KKK wasn’t rigidly organized, especially after the end of Reconstruction.

          I realize I’m not being very clear here, and I have limited knowledge of the KKK, but maybe I’m made my point clearer?

  4. Andy B. says:

    Whoa there guys: It sounds like the school system so far has responded appropriately, and that very likely the teacher will be disciplined in some way. It’s not like the incident passed unaddressed.

    Maybe in a week or so we can complain that the discipline wasn’t sufficient, but right now I don’t see anything to complain about, other than that a dingbat teacher thought they could get away with it. Dingbat teachers do inappropriate things all the time, up to and including physically abusing kids, and its not an indictment of the system unless the system itself advocates it or tries to cover it up.

    I’m having flashbacks to a teacher berating me for forgetting and leaving out “under God” from the Pledge, back when that addition was first introduced, lo, almost fifty years ago. Jackasses in the classroom aren’t a recently introduced feature, and at least in these parts, teachers have to bite their tongues over student expression they don’t agree with, a lot more than they had to in my day.

    • HSR47 says:

      “It sounds like the school system so far has responded appropriately, and that very likely the teacher will be disciplined in some way.”

      They’re still paying the offending employee, and they’ve brought in a NEW employee to do the job of the offending employee. So now they’re paying two people.

      They need to fire this jackwagon, except they won’t because the union has them by the balls.

    • Andy B. says:

      Oh, and make that sixty years ago. Sometimes I can’t believe how long ago things were.

  5. Pyrotek85 says:

    “Then, the teacher tried to kick the student out of the public school classroom for daring to have a dissenting opinion from the supposedly officially ā€œDemocratic school.ā€”

    Actually that would fit as a ‘Democratic school’; she got overruled by the majority and could no longer speak her opinions there.