My Results for Winter Match

There’s still some daylight left in some parts of the country if you want to shoot the Winter rifle match.  The last time I shot the AK-74 was at the Langhorne Practical Match in December.  I have, over time, come to dislike the AK platform for shooting more and more.  The biggest thing I struggle with is the sights.  The Kalashnikov’s reputation for inaccuracy is overstated, but it’s not entirely undeserved.  I’ve seen people who are well practiced with them shoot very well.

  1. Offhand Slow – 69/100 0X
  2. Sitting Rapid – 56/100 0X
  3. Prone Rapid – 67/100 0X

Total of 192/300 0X.  Bah.

My sitting shots were all over.  Prone were grouped decently, just not over the bullseye.  Because it’s a winter match, I didn’t stay out to do any reshoots.  I got what I got.  For our spring match, I’m thinking of doing a 500 shot point service rifle match.  Nothing fancy.

For now, I need to get to the range to shoot Mr. Completely’s e-postal match “Smoke ’em & Hope” so I can submit scores for that.  I’ll be shooting my Para LDA 1911 .45 and Ruger Mk.III Hunter for this one.

10 thoughts on “My Results for Winter Match”

  1. If I had to use the iron sights on my AK I would have chucked it off a cliff by now.

    The Ultimak rail and a red dot is like night and day in comparison.

  2. Good luck with Mr. C’s targets … I’m planning on participating in the next one(s) if I can get off the road for more than a day or two!

  3. Id have loved there to have been pictures with this, ive never seen anyone shoot matches with the AK, and im reluctant to try it myself without some more range time.

  4. Danno:

    I fixed it. I meant 500 points, or 50 shots.

    R. Franz:

    Not much to show really. It’s the same as any three position shooting, except that you have an AK in your hands instead of something else.

  5. At least you entered. I went out to shoot it with an old SKS and the sights were so far off I was hitting the target next to mine. By the time I got around to drifting the front sight where it needed to be, I was out of time to shoot the match.

  6. I will hold off on posting results until I get yours, as long as you get them into me by the end of the weekend this week.

  7. I’m going to try to finally get out this afternoon, but it’s raining right now so I think the weather has kept me out of this match. I’ll post here if I get the results this evening, otherwise don’t worry about me.

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