Specter Begging Dems to Register as GOP

Our favorite Senator from Pennsylvania was in Philadelphia on Monday begging Democrats to switch registrations so they can vote for less conservative candidates in the GOP primary.

Facing a tough primary rematch against conservative Pat Toomey, Specter stumped with a House Democrat in Darby, Pa., and told one group in Philadelphia: “I don’t know if there are any Democrats in this room. If there are, I’m going to need you to become Republicans, Republicans at least for a day.”

3 thoughts on “Specter Begging Dems to Register as GOP”

  1. “Republicans for a day” ?!?!?! What a shameless plug for self-preservation. Not only does he not care about his constituents, he obviously doesn’t even care about his own party. No honor among thieves I guess; I really hope this guy gets booted.

    Instead of stumping to Democrats asking them to switch parties, he should switch parties. At least that would make sense, given he’s basically a Democrat anyway.

    When are Republicans going to realize the main reason they’re losing elections is because they don’t stand for the party’s core beliefs anymore?

  2. Wow,

    If that ain’t the definition of a pure scoundrel, I don’t know what is! I would counter with Dem’s that he would be harder to beat in the general election because he is the more moderate of the two candidates. LOL!

    What a douchebag!

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