Test by Instalanche

Finally got the server tested out under a full blown Instalanche, which beats any load testing you can do.   I’ve received a few links from Instapundit since I got the new server, but never at a peak traffic moment.  This morning I noticed my server was running a bit slow, and sure enough, there was a lot of traffic coming in from Glenn.   My current settings were a bit too generous, and caused a lot of swapping, which is lethal to LAMP server under high load.   Scaling my max clients back a bit solved that problem, and we seem to be holding up to the worst that Prof. Reynolds can throw at me.   Not bad for a 300 dollar server!

3 Responses to “Test by Instalanche”

  1. Tam says:

    Yup, that’s a full-bore Instalanche all right.

  2. What LAMP stack are you using? I ask out of curiosity as a “P” language dev (in my case -ython).

  3. Sebastian says:

    The blog runs off WordPress, which is a PHP application.