Holding Up to the Instalanche

I am pleased to have gotten a link from Instapundit yesterday, which brought in some traffic to give the new server a bit of a test. We seem to have held up well.

I have circled the load under Instalanche, which did not even really make the server break a sweat. We don’t max out until 400%. Monitoring the number of new incoming TCP connections looks pretty good as well:

Again, not too out of the ordinary. The previous server was a Core2Quad, and this is a Quad-core Xeon. I think the big difference is the fact that I have a lot more RAM, so I’m able to run more apache processes simultaneously, which allows for servicing a larger number of clients. I have also greatly improved caching in the new server. Aside from the hacking attempt, I am pleased with the upgrade. Even better that the upgrade was thanks to salvaged hardware that didn’t cost me anything.

My network graph shows barely a blip. Granted, this was a weekend link, but I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest the new server is robust enough to handle a weekday Glenn link with more room to spare.

3 thoughts on “Holding Up to the Instalanche”

  1. What are you using to feed this to the Internet? From previous posts it sounds like this is at your home.

    Cable w/static IP…T1???

    Just curious. I have T1s running for test machines and have always wondered if going to Cable/DSL would work. It would sure be cheaper.


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