One thought on “Bob Barr on Pocket Knife Ban”

  1. The next bit of policy news had to do with the current resident demanding longer school hours and longer school years, to keep impressionable yoots off the streets. It’s becoming more clear in the daily diatribes that he’s still trying hard to be a good South Chicago community organizer: dealing with every aspect of the hard life in government housing projects (and getting us all to live in a mode he knows how to “help”).

    Later in the day, he announced new economic constraints to do away with Harley-Davidson, a kind of dark underbelly of SWPL. Can chewing gum and brash flippant T-shirts be far behind? I, for one, shall continue to re-buckle my plus-fours below the knee.

    One fully expects to see him ban club colors and brightly-colored handkerchieves. This man might have become a great president, had he only spent more of his life in the United States, so to speak. Remember ‘But you know, I can see why if I was living out here, I’d want a gun.’? Well, he doesn’t.

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