Brillianter has a post on flashlight technology, and their role when it comes to carry.  I have a Surefire 6P that I rarely carry, just because it’s so large.  I’ve been needing a new lamp for a while anyway, but maybe it’s just time for an upgrade.

I’ve been impressed by how Mostly Genius thinks in terms of self-defense equipment, and he’s certainly changed my mind about some things I didn’t think about too much before.

5 thoughts on “Flashlights”

  1. I picked up one of these for like $15 and it’s awesome in a nice small flashlight.

    Build quality was surprisingly good – aluminum body, good reflector and teflon insulators. It can also use either AA batteries or 14500 lithium cells.

  2. A good light can be more important than a spare mag. Think Trade Center I or the last time there was a blackout. Now I carry the surefire plastic light with the LED lamps. It will light up stuff within 50 yards or so and will last overnight with 1 set of batterys.

  3. I have a Fenix P3D which is a good small and super bright light. Cheaper than a Surefire LED model, too.


  4. I’m with ATL. I have a 6P LED (that I never carry), and a E1B Backup that I carry every day. The 6P became the bedside light. I love the Backup.

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