Attention Garden State Gun Owners

The New Jersey State Police might be about to make you a hardened criminal, by changing the state regulations that allow for magazines to be blocked to 15 rounds.

Turning the law abiding of today into the criminal of tomorrow; It’s just the kind of gun control that Bryan Miller says has overwhelming support in New Jersey, and who is intent on bringing into the Keystone State!

New Anti-Gun Blog

I hadn’t realized in my past linkage I was actually dealing with a blog, rather than just a one off editorial.  But yes folks, it appears that Bryan Miller, President of CeaseFire New Jersey and CeaseFire Pennsylvania has a blog over at New Jersey Voices.  I notice a few people over there who I recognize, and a few I don’t.   Peter Hamm, Brady’s Communication Director, has made an appearance.   Be sure to stop over and hi (polite, respectful, yada yada).  Tell Peter to say hi to Macca for us ;)

Bryan’s Privilege

Bryan Miller is still pushing the notion that the 50 BMG and the rifles that fire it are menacing weapons of mass destruction in the bit I quoted the other day.  Let me quote for you a section, but please, go see for yourself, and comment:

Finally, I know you guys will never get it…that society has a duty and responsibility to mediate between individual privilege (in this case, the fun of firing a big gun) and public safety (the chance that hundreds or thousands could be injured or killed by one man with one of these massively destructive guns). In this state, you’re a tiny minority. Thank God. The vast majority of New Jerseyans value public safety over your fun. Get used to it.

Privilege?   Wait a minute, let me check my copy of the constitution again.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed

Yeah, I was pretty sure it didn’t say privilege.  This is pure pants shitting hysterics folks.  I’m quite happy to live on this side of the river, where fewer people are buying this crap, and we’re not looking for ways to outlaw fun.

Go comment folks, if you can.  We can’t let their ignorance peddling, deceptions, and untruths go unanswered.   New Jersey may be a lost cause for shooters, but Pennsylvania is not, and Bryan is bringing that crap over here too.

Bryan Miller Time

Bryan Miller has an editorial going on NJ voices. I’d pick out a quote, but the whole thing really must be read, because it’s a continuous several pages of pants shitting hysterics. I decided to put int he comments:

Wow Bryan. That was the longest hysterical rant I’ve read in a while. I normally won’t touch Anheiser-Busch’s products, because, let’s face it: it’s not good beer. But your post has made me decide maybe I should get a six pack of Bud, if Anheiser-Busch they are so dedicated about protecting my constitutional rights from people like you.

You guys really need to come up with some original arguments. You’re still pushing crap about the 50 caliber rifle being able to destroy things like rail cars, when Sr Vice President of Trinity Trail Group said:

“The assertions put forth about the threat to rail from fifty caliber rifles have no basis in reality. We exhaustively test our chemical rail car designs against all types of firearms, including fifty caliber. In almost all tests the bullet simply bounced off. The worst-case scenario we could demonstrate was a tiny leak equivalent to a hand-valve that wasn’t completely closed. Leaks of that scale happen every day all across America.”

The type of armor piercing incendiary ammunition that would light anything on fire is not available to the civilian market. Regular ammunition is not generally capable of lighting fires. The 50 BMG is not an explosive round. It’s not much different, ballistically, from other big game hunting rounds of similar caliber.

But the rifles that fire the BMG look scary, don’t they. And with many people in New Jersey having absolutely no familiarity with firearms, it sure does make them easy targets for the kind of disinformation your organization likes to push, doesn’t it?

Bryan Miller is also executive director of CeaseFire PA, because it wasn’t enough to destroy everyone’s second amendment rights in New Jersey. Now he has to do it in my state too. Fortunately, unlike New Jersey, we have a very clearly worded right to bear arms provision in our state constitution, and an active shooter community. He will not find his ideas so receptive on this side of the Delaware.

Go register and leave a comment.  Be polite, and factual.  We can’t let these folks misleading of the public go unanswered.

Homeowners Assocations Governments?

There seems to be some disagreement over the New Jersey Supreme Court’s decision that the first amendment doesn’t apply to homeowners associations. I have no love of homeowners associations. I went out of my way to avoid them when I was buying my home. Why so many homeowners buy homes that force them to enter into contracts to limit the use of their property, I will never understand.

But should they be treated as governments? With all the constitutional limitations imposed as a matter of course? I’m not too sure about that. I don’t see any reason why homeowners shouldn’t be able to enter into contracts with other homeowners over what they can and can’t do with their property. I don’t even have a problem with the owners entering into a contract that specifies that they will follow any rules that the homeowner association passes, even though at that point, the association would be indistinguishable from a government.

If people want to preserve their constitutional rights, and their right to property, there’s an easy solution: tell your potential neighbors who demand you enter into an association contract that they can go to hell, and find yourself a better neighborhood. Otherwise, you decided that having your dream house was more important than your freedom. That should be a choice you’re allowed to make. But I won’t have too much sympathy for folks who complain about it later.

Bob Menendez on Gun Control

Because New Jersey’s gun control laws aren’t working, Bob Menendez and Frank Lautenberg are upset about Tiahrt:


At least he’s honest and admits it’s for pushing for more gun control and for lawsuits, and doesn’t accuse Tiahrt of cutting off police access to the trace data.

Of course, he fails to mention that the Fraternal Order of Police and BATFE favor the Tiahrt amendment as well.  Nor does he mention why they are opposed to it: because abuse of the trace data has interfered with legitimate law enforcement investigations.   Exactly the kind of abuse Menendez is supporting in this video.   Next time a politician tells you they support gun control as a crime control measure, don’t believe them.

HatTip to Blue Jersey

Menendez’s candor doesn’t surprise me. He’s from a state where you can say things like that, and it won’t hurt you.

Action Park

Thanks to David Bernstein for reminding me of this place. Read the whole thing, it’s quite funny. Here’s an excerpt:

Super Speed Water Slides: These were two water slides, set slightly apart from the rest of the park, that took advantage of nearly vertical slopes to allow riders to attain higher speeds than usually possible. One started with riders going almost vertically downwards and was covered with screening for the first several feet.

As barriers on the side of the slides were very low, lifeguards reminded every user to remain flat on their back with their arms at the side as they descended since there was no way to ride it otherwise and stay on. The fall from both slides had the potential for very serious injury.

Those who made it to the bottom found their progress arrested by water, which made a large splash, and then a small pool. The speed at which riders met the end resulted in many getting wedgies and enemas from the experience.[13] Employees kept fishnets for scooping out the occasional nugget of excrement or tampon.

This statement I think pretty much sums up what we’ve lost as a society by  treating children as fragile eggs who have to be protected from everything:

Action Park made adults of a generation of Tri-State Area kids who strolled through its blood-stained gates, by teaching us the truth about life: it is not safe, you will get hurt a lot, and you’ll ride all the way home burnt beyond belief.

Another patron notes:

Action Park was a true rite of passage for any New Jerseyan of my generation. When I get to talking about it with other Jerseyans, we share stories as if we are veterans who served in combat together. I suspect that many of us may have come closest to death on some of those rides up in Vernon Valley. I consider it a true shame that future generations will never know the terror of proving their grit at New Jersey’s most dangerous amusement park.

But not today.  No.  We can’t let kids do anything dangerous.

Ban Bike Tires, For the Children

I’m always wondering what New Jersey is going to stoop to next.   Apparently, it’s banning quick release bike tires for tires under a certain size.  They are prone to accidents:

(AP) TRENTON, N.J. Certain bicycles with quick-release wheels couldn’t be sold in New Jersey under legislation approved Monday by the Assembly. The bikes allow wheels to be removed without tools so they can be quickly secured with a chain lock or transported in vehicles. Lawmakers said they are prone to accidents. Under the bill, it would be illegal to sell bicycles with quick-release wheels if the bicycle has a front wheel less than 20 inches in diameter. Assemblyman Paul Moriarty, a Democrat from Gloucester, said the bill mainly targets children’s bicycles.

How many times did we fall off our bikes when we were kids?  Several for me, and I’m just fine.   Of course, others would say that explains a lot.

The Heating Seeking .50 BMG

It slices, it dices, it can julienne your carrots from 50 miles away, and it’s heat seeking too. Not only that, it can cook a deer with a single shot! Mention Patricia Eddington, and we’ll knock 20% off list price!


Of course, API rounds are already illegal in New York and New Jersey, and regulated quite strictly at the federal level, but don’t except Assemblywoman Eddington to tell you that.

Here’s the QuickTime for people who can’t view the YouTube.

It amazes me that the media just repeats this nonsense without bothering to do the least bit of fact checking.  People make fun of Arlen Spector for coming up with his magic bullet theory, but he’s got nothing on the opponents of the .50 BMG.

Something’s Wrong With This Picture

From the Star Ledger:

A routine traffic stop for a noise violation led to the arrest of a sus pected drug dealer who had a loaded AK-47 assault rifle on the back seat of his car, Jersey City police said.

How could that be? They are illegal in New Jersey. Long ago, Jim Florio rid New Jersey of AK-47s once and for all. Of course, this isn’t news, except then they say this:

A search of the vehicle turned up the loaded assault rifle as well as 52 rounds of .22-caliber ammuni tion and a bag of cocaine, police reports said.

An AK-47 doesn’t take anything close to .22 caliber ammunition. Or wasn’t an assault rifle? Maybe it was a tube fed .22 that holds more than 15 rounds? Who knows. This is the media. The details don’t matter. Neither does getting the facts straight.

UPDATE: Here’s more details from The Jersey Journal:

Sternes was taken out of the car without incident, and then a search of the vehicle turned up the loaded assault rifle as well as 52 rounds of .22 caliber ammunition and a bag of cocaine, reports said.

Further investigation turned up a .22 caliber revolver stashed behind a garbage bin at the Holland Gardens public housing complex. Police believe it was a “community gun” used by Sternes and others to commit street crimes, and are trying to determine if the weapon is linked to criminal activity, reports said.

Sternes spent three years in prison after a 2002 conviction on drug charges, state Department of Corrections records show.

“This incident not only underscores the reality that routine police stops rarely are just routine any longer, but the availability of dangerous weapons has reached epidemic proportions,” Mayor Jerramiah Healy said in a statement. “I mean, an AK-47 on the streets, it’s ridiculous.”

Epidemic proportions?  But… but… but… they are illegal.  Either way, I doubt that it’s anything close to an epidemic.  If a routine seizure is enough to make the news, that would seem to indicate that finding assault weapons in a traffic stop is rare.  Had it been a pistol, no one would care.  That kind of thing happens all the time.