New Jersey Lawsuit Hitting the Media

Looks like the first of the New Jersey gun rationing lawsuit is hitting the main stream media:

New Jersey gun owners took a parting shot at the waning administration of Gov. Jon Corzine today, filing a federal lawsuit challenging his one-handgun-a-month law, claiming it is unconstitutional and that some towns already make it impossible to obtain one pistol in six months.

The article has it kind of right, though it really glosses over the fundamental issues, which I will cover later. Either way, it has Bryan Miller’s panties in a bunch:

“Typical gun-extremist nonsense,” said Bryan Miller, executive director of Ceasefire NJ, a gun-control organization. “This is typical of the gun lobby — never satisfied, always seeking to have everybody armed. … I think the court will probably throw this frivolous suit out.”

Pretty clearly Bryan didn’t read the Complaint, unless he wants to explain why this lawsuit is “frivolous.” But hey, getting Bryan upset makes this all worth it to me. I will say, it’s nice scooping the MSM on a story.