2 thoughts on “More Fact Checking of FactCheck.org”

  1. Factcheck.org is nothing but a bunch of lefty egghead liberals who like to masquerade as a “non-partisan” watchdog group to the uninformed general public.

    The Obama campaign used Obama’s half-sister’s Hawaii birth certificate as a template to make a fake one for Obama, so that then the people with factcheck.org could say it is “proof” that Obama is a natural born citizen of these United States, and thereby is constitutionally eligible to hold the office of chief executive of these United States. (This would not be the case if Obama’s American mother had given birth to Obama abroad, due to her young age and Federal law at the time of his 1961 birth.)

    The “verification” of Obama’s birth certificate by factcheck.org occurred last August with virtually no coverage from the Obama-loving media, and at least two months after Obama’s own “Fight the Smears” website started showing off a low-res and shoddy photoshop image of same forged document, but only one that has a key number upon it for verification purposes completely redacted, among numerous other discrepancies. What is also odd is that a high-res image of this same forgery appeared on the far-left “Daily Kos” website about two weeks prior to Obama’s own “Fight the Smears” website. (Hawaii law says that certified copies of birth certificates may only be obtained by those named on the cerificate or immediate family.)

    My guess is that it took somebody at the Obama campaign at least two months to get the paper forgery looking good enough so as to refute all the discrepancies of the digital forgery, so that then the factcheck.org people could be quietly invited to come inspect it and take some nice pictures for their own joke of a website.

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