They Really Won, You See

Bryan Miller is usually, if nothing, willing to speak his mind, but even he’s still pretending like McDonald is without any actual meaning:

At the same time, Bryan Miller, executive director of Cease Fire NJ, said there was nothing in the ruling that made him believe the state’s gun laws were in for a substantial revision.

“There is nothing in New Jersey law that denies anyone, a legal purchaser, to buy a gun in the state,” he said.

The state does not ban handguns, he said, and the assault weapons ban is limited.

“I’ll say this: I think the decision will give temporary comfort to the pro-gun lobby,” Miller said, “but that will only be temporary, because once they spend all that money to overturn New Jersey’s gun laws, they will have failed.”

So Bryan Miller, who’s beloved CeaseFire New Jersey was recently absorbed by a peacenik group, is believing that we’ll eventually fail and run out of money… you know… just like he did. Can you spell “p-r-o-j-e-c-t-i-o-n?” I knew you could.

3 thoughts on “They Really Won, You See”

  1. Ya know, I’ve been thinking. Whenever I see pictures of Bryan Miller, he always looks like Mayor Healy: pickled.

    After reading this article, I’m convinced Bryan’s seeing more than pink elephants……

  2. He thinks only our side is going to be spending alot of money? What are their legals bills going to be, chopped liver? In light of budget cuts, the state and city governments are going to be hard pressed to justify this expense.

  3. I wouldn’t count on the current state administration to pay to defend much, and the state has preempted gun control on the local level.

    I do expect them to fight shall-issue or any attempt to fight the state guns in schools ban (which is only on the grounds themselves). Likewise they would fight to retain the FID, and they *might* go to the mat to retain the 30-day timeline language, but will probably not fight any attempt to get the state to abide by the 30-day statutory language.That last one would fall on the muni governments or the NJ State Police, incidentally; there’s no reason for the state to get involved since the statute says a no-answer from the state BG check mandates issuance of the FID or permit to purchase. I won’t make predictions one way or the other about the permit to purchase a handgun separate from the FID; and I can’t see them wasting money to defend one gun a month.

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