Bob Menendez on Gun Control

Because New Jersey’s gun control laws aren’t working, Bob Menendez and Frank Lautenberg are upset about Tiahrt:


At least he’s honest and admits it’s for pushing for more gun control and for lawsuits, and doesn’t accuse Tiahrt of cutting off police access to the trace data.

Of course, he fails to mention that the Fraternal Order of Police and BATFE favor the Tiahrt amendment as well.  Nor does he mention why they are opposed to it: because abuse of the trace data has interfered with legitimate law enforcement investigations.   Exactly the kind of abuse Menendez is supporting in this video.   Next time a politician tells you they support gun control as a crime control measure, don’t believe them.

HatTip to Blue Jersey

Menendez’s candor doesn’t surprise me. He’s from a state where you can say things like that, and it won’t hurt you.