You Got That Right Arlen

Arlen Specter encountered some unhappy people over his stimulus vote, and says:

Specter, 79, acknowledges his run for re-election will be tough. […] Specter acknowledges the Republican Party’s conservative wing will attempt to unseat him in next year’s primary race.

I’m absolutely counting on it.  This time, he won’t have Santorum and Bush to pull his ass out of the fire.  There’s on issue he can make this up to me on, and the vote is likely coming.

6 thoughts on “You Got That Right Arlen”

  1. Even if he does vote the right way on gun issues for the next 2 years, his primary opponent would have to be worse for me not to vote against Arlen. It this case, I won’t go with the NRA’s tie goes to the incumbent policy.

  2. It was an omnibus bill, meaning it had everything but the kitchen sink in it. Almost no one voted against the final passage. I would highly advise taking anything GOA says with a huge grain of salt. They deliberately mislead gun owners.

    Specter voted against the Assault Weapons Ban. You can see the vote here. The other PA senator, Wofford, voted for it. We got rid of him in 1994. There are a lot of yea votes on that list we got rid of in 1994.

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