More Crap From Across the Delaware

Jeff Soyer has the digs on New Jersey’s plan to ban 50 caliber rifles. Sadly, this will likely pass; there’s just not enough people left in the Garden State that are willing to fight this stuff. Two hundred people showed up to fight Maryland’s Assault Weapons Ban. I’d be hard pressed to believe we can’t find 200 dedicated gun enthusiasts in New Jersey? Come on folks, show these people who they work for!

Backers of the measure insisted the bill was about public safety rather than gun control. The .50-caliber weapons could fire bullets through a police officer’s protective vest, or could give a terrorist the ability to shoot down an aircraft or touch off a devasting fire at a chemical plant, in an oil tanker or in other settings, Miller said.

Bryan Miller, you are a fucking weasel! Any centerfire rifle cartridge can penetrate police body armor or punch holes through airplanes. Do you want to ban deer rifles too? You say you don’t, but the same thing could be said for any of them. It’s also known that rail car companies test their cars against various small arms, including the fifty. They are impervious to small arms fire.

One thought on “More Crap From Across the Delaware”

  1. They’d have to go to Trenton in order to protest and I’d doubt few of them would come back alive.

    The only way to pull New Jersey from the brink, I believe, is to run a propaganda campaign. I have an idea that focuses on the phrase “We are not New Yorkers”, using their underlying hatred of New York City to move away from such policies.

    And if that doesn’t work, perhaps one part of New Jersey can secede from the other part…

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