Bryan Miller Time

Bryan Miller has an editorial going on NJ voices. I’d pick out a quote, but the whole thing really must be read, because it’s a continuous several pages of pants shitting hysterics. I decided to put int he comments:

Wow Bryan. That was the longest hysterical rant I’ve read in a while. I normally won’t touch Anheiser-Busch’s products, because, let’s face it: it’s not good beer. But your post has made me decide maybe I should get a six pack of Bud, if Anheiser-Busch they are so dedicated about protecting my constitutional rights from people like you.

You guys really need to come up with some original arguments. You’re still pushing crap about the 50 caliber rifle being able to destroy things like rail cars, when Sr Vice President of Trinity Trail Group said:

“The assertions put forth about the threat to rail from fifty caliber rifles have no basis in reality. We exhaustively test our chemical rail car designs against all types of firearms, including fifty caliber. In almost all tests the bullet simply bounced off. The worst-case scenario we could demonstrate was a tiny leak equivalent to a hand-valve that wasn’t completely closed. Leaks of that scale happen every day all across America.”

The type of armor piercing incendiary ammunition that would light anything on fire is not available to the civilian market. Regular ammunition is not generally capable of lighting fires. The 50 BMG is not an explosive round. It’s not much different, ballistically, from other big game hunting rounds of similar caliber.

But the rifles that fire the BMG look scary, don’t they. And with many people in New Jersey having absolutely no familiarity with firearms, it sure does make them easy targets for the kind of disinformation your organization likes to push, doesn’t it?

Bryan Miller is also executive director of CeaseFire PA, because it wasn’t enough to destroy everyone’s second amendment rights in New Jersey. Now he has to do it in my state too. Fortunately, unlike New Jersey, we have a very clearly worded right to bear arms provision in our state constitution, and an active shooter community. He will not find his ideas so receptive on this side of the Delaware.

Go register and leave a comment.  Be polite, and factual.  We can’t let these folks misleading of the public go unanswered.

9 Responses to “Bryan Miller Time”

  1. Alcibiades says:

    Okay, maybe I should move to Pennsylvania… A lot of people must have fled the few miles to it.

  2. joated says:


    I followed your link to Miller’s rant and went on to read others he has authored.

    What a maroon! It’s because of people like him I DID leave NJ for PA. His arguments are specious and very uninformed. His comment that the 2nd Amendment offers no individual right to own or bear arms…. Well, let’s just say he offers little proof of that assertion nor does he bother to cite some of the most recent commentary or anything written and espoused by the founders as they debated the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

  3. Dave says:

    Wow, and he came up with such a rebuttal.
    “But, don’t you think domestic terrorists might prefer to seek armor piercing/incendiary rounds on the Internet, where they are easily available, no questions asked?”

    Gee, Mr. Nutbar, if they’re so easily available on the internet, why don’t you provide us with a link? After all, WE’RE on the internet, we can go see your proof?

    What’s that? You don’t _have_ proof? Yeah, that’s sort of what I figured.

  4. Sebastian says:

    Thanks for the tip Dave. I have responded to him. We agree on one thing at least: AB beer pretty much sucks :)

  5. thirdpower says:

    He’s probably posting on because CeasefireNJ hasn’t updated their site for over 8 months. Joyce must not be funding them enough for a webmaster of their own.

    I think it’s a riot that he alludes that the testing done on tankers has been falsified when he is associated w/ Gonzo.

  6. Ian Argent says:

    Alcibiades – I’m considering it myself. Though I’ve been hearing rumors that our governor wants to tax those who flee…

  7. Matt says:

    Interesting, check out Mr. Miller’s lead post. His brother was Mike Miller, the FBI agent that was killed in DC in 1994.

    Which means his niece is Dale Miller, who works for CeasefireMD and testified in favor of the AWB here last year.

    We have a family here who blames the object and not the person. His loss, however, does not give him an unrestricted moral high ground. Taking him to task could get interesting.

  8. Sebastian says:

    That’s interesting. I didn’t know the history there Matt. Thanks for filling me in.

  9. Sigivald says:

    Dave: He’s right about that, though: .50 BMG API, remanufactured military, $60/10 rounds.

    I don’t know if he’s right about them being a danger to a tanker car or not (the AP in question is against light armor, but it’s suggested by the FAS website on the matter that it should penetrate about an inch of steel.

    The real question is why terrorists would spend thousands of dollars on 20+ pound rifles and API ammunition rather than just some explosives. (Answer, from experience AND practicality: They wouldn’t.)

    (Also note that, while it’s irrelevant to this discussion since it’s never been available to civilians and would be a Destructive Device, there is a .50BMG explosive API round as well.)


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