If It Was Really About The Children

Groups we’d see before the gun control groups we have now, if they were really concerned about saving children:

  • Coalition for Better Seatbelts
  • Brady Campaign Against Swimming Pools and Large Buckets
  • Coalition Against Plastic Bags
  • National Coalition to Ban Dangerous Household Chemicals
  • Pedestrian Policy Center
  • Medical Community Against Bicycles
  • Mayors Against Tall Stairs

Why? Because all of these things kill children more often than firearms. Also, I was thinking what’s with the huge surge in poisoning among adults versus children? You’d think kids would be more prone to quaffing poisons than adults. But then I remembered most of us like quaffing a certain beverage that is poisonous in large quantities. Then you also hear stories about drunks on the wagon slamming down rubbing alcohol in a last, desperate act. But I wouldn’t qualify that last one as accidental.

8 thoughts on “If It Was Really About The Children”

  1. There seems to be a surge in both “denatured alcohol” poisoning and drug deaths among adults. Drugs have gotten so cheap that pushers are no longer cutting the stuff as much as they used to, resulting in a great many more recreational drug poisonings.

    Denatured alky is available at Wal-Mart and almost everywhere else shellac is sold. The “normal death rate” for denatured alcohol has been around 25 a year, but reports have gotten much more common since 2008.

    In addition, I suspect that many of the extra poisoning deaths are deliberate. Suicide by poison has a reputation for being relatively painless. An undeserved reputation when drugs like acetaminophen are concerned.


  2. Don’t forget the (G.E.-funded) Coalition to Ban Old Refrigerators which were responsible for the deaths of countless children playing hide-and-go-seek in garbage dumps, who suffocated when the door swung shut on them.

  3. Until they ban cars and bathtubs (which I have heard are the 2 leading causes of death outside and inside the home respectively) they can leave my guns alone if the only reason is safety.

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