New Anti-Gun Blog

I hadn’t realized in my past linkage I was actually dealing with a blog, rather than just a one off editorial.  But yes folks, it appears that Bryan Miller, President of CeaseFire New Jersey and CeaseFire Pennsylvania has a blog over at New Jersey Voices.  I notice a few people over there who I recognize, and a few I don’t.   Peter Hamm, Brady’s Communication Director, has made an appearance.   Be sure to stop over and hi (polite, respectful, yada yada).  Tell Peter to say hi to Macca for us ;)

4 thoughts on “New Anti-Gun Blog”

  1. I especially like how he belittles his readers by referring to them as “boys” and implying that he doesn’t have time to be bothered by them.

  2. Well, he finally changed the “boys” to “guys” and “fellas”. OK, so he either:
    1) doesn’t get it re the condescension and is scratching his head wondering why we’re obsessed with that word, or
    2) thinks we’re too stupid to realize he changed his words but not his intent.

    Is there no end to these idiots? Sigh…

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