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Headline of the Week

ANTI-GUN SENTIMENT SHRINKS DICK’S. In reference to this article. I’m actually really hoping Dick’s gets out of the gun business entirely, if only so I don’t have to listen to the fuddie duddies talk about getting this or that at Dick’s. Not everyone gets the message. They’ve been a problem for years. None of this shit is new. It’s just that the mask is off now.

Ed Stack on CBS Sunday Morning

Be sure to watch Ed Stack’s, CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods, appearance on CBS Sunday Morning.

I love that he goes to the: “But if we do these things and it saves one life, don’t you think it’s worth it?” That’s such a vacuous argument, and after all these years I’m sick of hearing it. It’s a refuge of people who don’t really have an argument and instead want to resort to emotional blackmail.

John Richardson notes that CBS at least used the correct language.

Some Field & Stream Stores No Longer Dicks?

Dick’s Sporting Goods is selling 8 of its Field and Stream stores to Sportsman’s Warehouse. I’m going to assume those stores will be rebranded, since Dick’s isn’t selling all its stores to the company. There’s speculation that Dick’s will exit the hunting and gun market entirely. I hope that’s the case, because they don’t deserve our money.

You’ll Have to Forgive Me …

but on this issue I agree with Michael Bloomberg.

Thanks, Irish Robert

Let’s be honest with ourselves: “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in,” was getting pretty worn. Said years and years ago by a now octogenarian who probably won’t be with us much longer. Gun owners of the future will probably be like “Diane who?” before too long.

But thanks to Bobby Frank, we have a new scare quote we’ll be able to get mileage out of for years and years. Can we now dispense with the gaslighting fiction that no one is after our guns? Should be pretty obvious by now what the real agenda is here. Irish Robert wants to take the most popular gun in America. He said it on live TV where everyone could hear it.

Sometimes honesty is refreshing.

More Preemption Fights

Philadelphia wants to be able to ban guns at city rec centers. How often have you guys had problems with people who are licensed? Which you need to be to carry a gun on the streets in Philadelphia.

Council president Darrell Clarke says after two mass shootings at city playgrounds in a month, they have to try.

LTCF holders, right? If not, you can file gun charges on top of murder already. What’s the purpose of restricting the law abiding LTC holders?

It’s almost as if this has absolutely nothing to do with combatting crime.

Satire or Not?

Is IMAO, so satire, but this is a non-satirical government solution if I ever saw one:

COLUMBIA, SC (AP) – At a town hall-style meeting in South Carolina, Pete Buttigieg promised to address the problem of mass shootings from a different angle by tasking the Department of Defense with creating “gun free zone” signs that are more effective at keeping guns out of the areas where they’re posted.

I recently saw something where a mother in New York City was demanding something be done because she had to go pick up her kid from school due to a mass shooting threat. Don’t the gun laws of New York City provide comfort? If they don’t, isn’t that an admission that you know gun laws don’t really work?

But you can’t reason with people. These days, I’m not sure reason even matters anymore. The algorithms have gotten so good at manipulating people’s emotions, that’s all that people know. I have relatives who have been driven to madness by the algorithms.

Don’t Entrust Your Business to Cloud Providers

This goes double if you’re in the gun business. I should say, you should never entrust any critical business function to the cloud. We use some cloud services, but if they disappeared tomorrow they could be replaced quickly without great pain. doesn’t want retailers using its e-commerce technology to sell automatic and semiautomatic firearms.

The software giant recently changed its acceptable-use policy to prohibit its customers from selling a range of weapons and some gun parts, including “magazines capable of accepting more than 10 rounds” and “multi-burst trigger devices.”

They cut off Camping World. Hopefully Camping World does the right thing and tells SalesForce to go to hell. If they cave, I’ll never shop there.

This is a big reason I keep our club on QuickBooks Desktop, despite them having a cloud version. I could not replace QuickBooks easily. But at least with the Desktop software, they can’t cut me off.

SalesForce is a shitty company anyway with a shitty product. To be honest, even before this, I never would have done business with them.

Shoot Steel Zucked

Seen on Facebook this morning:

I’ve been reading Glenn Reynold’s new book on social media, which so far I’d recommend. As much as I think Facebook are classic monopolists, and could be regulated as such, I don’t think government regulation will be what ultimately displaces Facebook. I’m very interested in federated social networks and view that as a way forward, where we could have the benefits of social media without the centralized control that makes it probably the most potent political weapon ever devised by man.

Thinking about it, Usenet was a federated network. Usenet was also a sewer, but at least it was harder for a small group of people to manipulate.

The Kids are Alright

Students walk out of a vigil that seemed more a political rally than remembering their classmate who was murdered.

More than 2,000 attended the vigil at STEM School Highlands Ranch High School, as STEM School Highlands Ranch students burst into a spontaneous demonstration, protesting politics and the media.

Sen. Michael Bennet and Rep. Jason Crow spoke urged support for gun control legislation, prompting students in the crowd to shout out dissenting comments such as “political stunt” and “we are people, not a statement” – to applause.

Good for you guys. It’s a natural instinct to politicize tragedy. But there’s doing that, and then there’s hijacking a student body that should be given space to mourn for political purposes. The latter is disgusting, and I’m happy to see backlash. Don’t let them shut you up kids. Keep fighting.

Can you imagine what the reaction would have been if NRA had organized a vigil and pushed arming teachers? Think they’d get a pass from the media?

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