Saying No to Bloomberg

NRA is launching an ad campaign to highlight what an insulting busybody Michael Bloomberg is to anyone who doesn’t want to live their life the same way he demands the little people live.

According to the WaPo, it’s starting out with a $500,000 buy in Colorado. USA Today says that it will also run nationally on cable. They also report a digital ad buy in other states like Iowa, Louisiana, Nevada, Kentucky, North Carolina and Georgia.

This buy starts now, so they aren’t waiting until the elections to do it.

7 thoughts on “Saying No to Bloomberg”

  1. I did not give them permission to use my truck!! But I would have !! (Mine has more NRA Awareness/Support)

    Nice to see a straight up reply to the money man.

    1. It also plays into his ego and pride.

      We’ve seen that even with spinoff organizations like Everytown or MDA where he’s not *obstensibly* the head, he can’t stop himself from speaking out and publically asserting his control.

  2. Would have been better if they had a shot driving through downtown boulder with the “largest county” line.

  3. It’s long past time that the whole nation understands the insane gun laws in NYC and NJ, so they understand where he is going with this. $350 every three years for a pistol permit? absurd.

    Even in Maryland, which is bad, it’s not as insanely bad as NYC and NJ.

  4. Glad to see the NRA finally go on the offensive. Sometimes life get busy and I let the fact that I’m a life member slip well into the back of my head, but it’s days like today when they launch a new campaign that I feel like slapping a new decal back on the car and throwing a few more bucks their way.

  5. Demonizing the Koch brothers and tying them to Republican candidates was the brainchild of Harry Reid and an organized strategy of the Democratic party.

    Do you think the NRA’s campaign will be coordinated with GOP candidates, at least informally? Like will Cory Gardner jump on this to tie Mark Udall to Bloomberg? The ad seems like a waste if pro-gun candidates don’t take advantage.

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