3 thoughts on “Talk About a Dodged Bullet”

  1. I’m surprised no one brought up his statist position on the Second Amendment:

    This guy would indeed have been a disaster. And it’s distressing to hear how many rue his “mistreatment” on the grounds that he is a “conservative.”

    That label without qualification always produces more knee-jerk sloganeering than thoughtful analysis–and does untold damge when not discovered until power has been bestowed…

  2. No kidding. There’s not much I thank the Democrats for in this world, but this is one of them. To me Bork is as frightning as any living constitutionalist, because he would have the judicial branch abrogate its duty to act as a check against the other two branches and worship at the altar of two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for lunch. We’ve had more than enough of that for one century.

    There’s a big difference between judges making up law and making up rights out of thin air, and completely shirking their obligation to enforce the words and meaning of the constitution.

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