For some reason we had a power failure, and it seems the host can’t keep time straight when it reboots for some reason.  I expect this will screw Bloglines up for the next week, because their software can’t handle posts appearing in the future.  It will soon be time to replace the server with something more reliable.

2 thoughts on “Argh!”

  1. That’s annoying, if its a Unix/Linux/Sun box take a look at the ntpd program. It syncs with an external time server and can usually handle resetting the clock after random power failures.

    Otherwise, take a look at the BIOS battery… it what usually handles keeping the time when power goes bye-bye.

    (Yes, I’m a professional geek… does it show?)

  2. NTPD, for some reason, isn’t fixing the problem. I think something later is pulling off the incorrect hardware clock. I think it’s a BIOS battery issue, which I should fix, but it’s really time for a new server and a fresh install of Ubuntu.

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