Bloomberg’s Achievements

Pejman writes about the fallout from Bloomberg’s poor decision to hold the Marathon (which has since been rescinded), and he sums up his post quite accurately:

So to recap: Michael Bloomberg is a politician in good standing in the Nanny Caucus, the Failed Leadership Caucus, and the Self-Glorification and Aggrandizement Caucus.

And he endorsed Barack Obama for president.

Makes sense when you think about it.

2 thoughts on “Bloomberg’s Achievements”

  1. And just consider if Bloomberg had invested as much (public and private) in hardening power systems as he did in denying civil rights. And I won’t even get into the costs of all those NYC teachers in the “rubber rooms”.

  2. Let’s not forget that Scott Brown LOVES Mickey Bloomberg, and vis-a-versa. So, when Mickey decides to run for the Senate after his Term is up, I think he’ll not get too much support from NYC. Let’s hope that his Marathon Speech comes back to haunt him as much as the “Dean Scream.”

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