More on Robert Bork

A reader pointed out that Robert Bork signed onto an Amicus Brief in Heller in support of Mr. Heller. So it would seem that Robert Bork has had a change of opinion since his earlier days when he embraced the collective rights theory.

4 Responses to “More on Robert Bork”

  1. Gene Hoffman says:

    Can we get him to call J. Harvey and tell him to stop spouting Borkian nonsense then?

    Color me skeptical – especially on carry.


    • terraformer says:

      We can call him Al for all I care. He is irrelevant and the way to make him even less relevant apparently is to have any strategy meeting at the yale club on the stage…

  2. Andy B. says:

    I don’t know what Bork’s motive for his amicus brief may have been, but since I know at least one national RKBA group was putting the arm on smaller state groups for $1,000 each to “help fund our amicus for Heller,” I suspect not all motives are traceable to altruism. Maybe Bork was passing the hat, and the RKBA side appeared more profitable.

    • Or maybe he made his initial statements about the Second Amendment out of ignorance (since the subject was never covered in most law schools), and learned something along the way.


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