Satire or Not?

Is IMAO, so satire, but this is a non-satirical government solution if I ever saw one:

COLUMBIA, SC (AP) – At a town hall-style meeting in South Carolina, Pete Buttigieg promised to address the problem of mass shootings from a different angle by tasking the Department of Defense with creating “gun free zone” signs that are more effective at keeping guns out of the areas where they’re posted.

I recently saw something where a mother in New York City was demanding something be done because she had to go pick up her kid from school due to a mass shooting threat. Don’t the gun laws of New York City provide comfort? If they don’t, isn’t that an admission that you know gun laws don’t really work?

But you can’t reason with people. These days, I’m not sure reason even matters anymore. The algorithms have gotten so good at manipulating people’s emotions, that’s all that people know. I have relatives who have been driven to madness by the algorithms.

14 thoughts on “Satire or Not?”

  1. Mount shot-spotter systems and remote turrets on the signs. Have them return fire.

    (This solution brought to you by Skynet Solutions. We’re making a brighter future for every human)

  2. Just wanted to thank you for linking IMAO…

    And also suggest that New York mom start advocating for armed staff and teachers in her school…

    1. If that happens will teachers get paid more, since they’re being expected to defend against armed hostiles? And will they receive the same protections as cops when they inevitably shoot an unarmed child?

  3. Congratulations. To your end of making a rather obvious point, you just turned a handful of morons onto yet another fake news site, operating under the guise of “I can’t be blamed for their stupidty” “satire”.

    I hope those morons use it wisely, but in my limited experience, morons are seldom a dependable or useful asset in the long term.

      1. Bull fucking shit. But I think you know that. Did you check out the idiots commenting on that column that took it seriously? Almost all of them?

        I’ll apologize for reiterating, but the purpose for “satire” has become to spread blatant falsehoods while hiding behind “couldn’t a smart person tell I was only kidding?” for an excuse. It allows people who may suspect a story is bullshit, to pass it along and say “Silly me. How was I to know?” if they’re caught.

        You just did it yourself. Passed along bullshit and used the “everyone knows” I-can’t-be-blamed cover. “Satire or not?” Incredible.

        1. Except that IMAO is a satire site that’s been around for a long time. Not as long as Babylon Bee or Duffel Blog, but it’s from the very early days of blogging being a thing, even if it’s been overtaken since by other sites that are better promoted.

          1. IMAO as a website predates Babylon Bee (2016). and also predates Duffelblog (2012). IMAO dates to the early oughts.

  4. Reason never mattered with leftists. They are just more open about it these days.

  5. That sure sounds a lot like creating zones where the military or federal law enforcement get to search a citizen without true cause just to enter and exit the area.

    1. Imao dates back to 2002. The guy has been at it for longer than most.
      399, you’re upset because morons exist?
      And you think it’s Sebastian’s fault?

      I’m as sorry as you are that God made you an Idiot. But I’m not mad at this blog’s host about it.

  6. “But you can’t reason with people. These days, I’m not sure reason even matters anymore. ”

    But for a small subsection of the populace; likely less than 25%, reason has never mattered, and any claims to the opposite are abject optimism with no grounding in an understanding of human nature or cognitive ability.

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