Brady Admits To Being Anti-Gun?

They are noting the anniversary of the Reagan Assassination attempt, where Jim Brady was shot and disabled by a bullet to the head, but the headline reads, “Jim and Sarah Brady: We’re Safer Thanks to Their Anti-Gun Efforts.” So is Brady admitting this isn’t about reasonable gun laws, but about being “anti-gun?”  I thought they hated that term. Now to be fair, I’ve had Opposing Views manipulate a few of my headlines, and maybe that’s the case here, but it seems like a fair manipulation to me if that was the case.

UPDATE: Their blog post on the subject is called “Making Lemonade,” so it woud seem this is an OV manipulation on the headline. Like I said, I’ve had them alter a few of mine too. Mine they did for the sake of clarity, but it would seem to me the OV editors ought to avoid making wholesale changes to the language, especially if they don’t know the issue well.

2 thoughts on “Brady Admits To Being Anti-Gun?”

  1. That’s not our headline, and I’m going to complain to Opposing Views about it. The headline of the blog is “Making Lemonade.”

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