Dick’s Sporting Goods Earns its Moniker

By being dicks. We’ve had problems with Dick’s sporting goods in this area too enforcing New Jersey law in Pennsylvania, and generally being dishonest about fixing the problem. Obviously, I think our money is probably better spent with companies that support the Second Amendment. I will never set foot in Dick’s again. For anything.

UPDATE: National boycott forming? I hope so.

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  1. Between hunting/ammo purchases, little league purchases, sneakers, bike stuff an general sporting goods, I probably spend a good $5k a year at Dicks. I am ready to send in my card and tell them they can eat the friggen points on it and that I will never set foot in a store nor will I bring or recommend any of their stores in the DC suburbs to any of the players on the little league teams I coach

    The problem, of course, is there’s no where else to go. Sports Authority, which is a disorganized mess, is even more anti gun. And has a pathetic baseball selection. If someone can refer me to another spirit good retailer, I’d gladly give them my business. But I don’t know that they exist (and no, Walmart isn’t an option in Northern Virginia. The nearest one is 30+ minutes away).

    1. Amazon is your best bet. And tell them that you’re switching to Amazon for this reason and how they can get you back as a customer and vocal fan instead of adversary.

      Every retailer out there is terrified of what same-day delivery will do to them…offer them something they can do that Bezos can’t, and they’ll pay more attention.

      1. Yep. And we can already get that on some items in DC. But there are certain things that you née to try on. Basebal gloves, cleats, etc. or need right then (the cup to its remembered you need opening day) that Amazon can’t serve yet.

      2. Plus I’m in DC (Northern Virginia) dealing with idiot trophy wives married to Internet tycoons, politicians, etc. I need something more viable to send them too than Amazon as a replacement for Dicks

      3. Perhaps send a letter or email to Academy Sports telling them of your need for a good sporting goods retailer in your area?

    2. I’ve never been to a DSG, don’t know how their points work. Can you redeem them for anything which costs them money? I don’t mean just paid for entirely with points. Can you buy anything and pay for half of it with your points? They will lose money on that transaction.

      If you can do that, and point that out when you return the card, it will hurt them just a little bit more …

  2. Socialism destroys people’s souls. It gives them a sense of despair and helplessness because it takes control of their lives away from them. It’s evil like that.

  3. Hold them to their rules. If they are really wanting to fight violence, they need to stop selling football equipment since brain trauma from football has suspected ties with murders-suicide…using guns?

  4. Dick’s just opened up in my part of the country. I almost thought about buying some new shoes there. I’m glad I didn’t. But this is why I always buy my guns from a gun store. I know where my gun store stands politically and I know that they won’t “Dick” me over when the political winds change.

  5. Something’s fishy in that story. Troy probably shouldn’t have signed a contract with Dick’s that let Dick back out without a huge penalty. I didn’t see anything about Troy suing.

    I believe in capitalism and as much libertarianism as will actually work. If a company wants to stop selling guns, that is an opportunity for somebody else.

    1. Just for the sake of the argument, libertarianism only requires me to accept what other people do with their rights; it does not require me to endorse it or to support them in it.

      If Dick’s discriminated against customers based on, say, race, I could argue it was their right to do so, and that those races were that many more customers for someone else, but I still would not patronize Dick’s, for their attitude. Ditto for guns.

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