Dick’s and AR-15

It may be Markley’s Law Monday, but I’m talking about the retail store. You might remember the post-Newtown dustup with Dick’s Sporting Goods at their decision to drop AR-15s from their product line. Dick’s and their AR vendor have kissed and made up, as Dick’s prepares to launch a new outdoor themed store that plans to sell them. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. On one hand, Dick’s making a decision to sell ARs again is a loss for our opponents. Ultimately, a smart company is about the bottom line and the bottom line is ARs sell.

But locally we’ve also had issues with Dick’s stores enforcing New Jersey law in their PA stores, and it’s difficult to feel good about supporting a company that threw us under the bus so quickly after Newtown. Will the “Field and Stream” stores have a backbone? Being in the gun issue means getting blamed and punished for things you didn’t do. Perhaps if Dick’s can’t learn to take the heat, they best stay out of the kitchen.

UPDATE: Apparently Troy is denying any kissing and making up with Dick’s. Good for them.

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  1. I will NEVER shop at Dicks again. They were far too quick to throw us under the bus. I also believe a more accurate quote regarding heat and kitchens would be: “If you can’t take the heat, don’t annoy the Dragon”
    This Dragon is very annoyed.

    Paul in Texas

    1. I agree completely. You can’t spit in our faces after something like Newtown and then quietly reverse course when the heat is off. Dick’s made it very plain that they think my rifle and I constitute a menace to society, so I’ll be spending my money in places that actually want my business.

      Dick’s can drop dead as far as I’m concerned.

    1. You need a license to buy ammunition in New Jersey. Not the case in Pennsylvania, but their PA stores were requiring NJ residents to produce a license.

        1. And how did they know the NJ residents were planning on taking the ammo back to NJ? Even ATF will readily talk about storing weapons you own, but which are prohibited to you in your home state, out of state.

  2. I don’t care what they’re selling. I’m not going into one of their stores again. Besides compared to the Willow Grove Dick’s, Tanner’s has better selection.

    1. exactly. I also find a salesperson and make them run around, grab me a bunch of stuff to try on, even price it for me so I buy it online. figure I can waste their time . . . .

  3. I have never shopped at Dick’s. When they bought out the local Galyan’s stores, they dropped all handgun sales, even ammo. I figured they didn’t want my money.

    This has been proven true.

      1. +1

        Galyans was great. Dicks sucks. Not only did they stop handgun sales, but the Galyans here in Fairfax was built around a huge climbing wall. The day Dicks purchased it, they stopped operating it. Now its a mere decoration.

    1. The one local to me still carried handgun ammo as of the last time I went ammo shopping (sometime during the First Great Ammo Shortage of the century). I had basically stopped going there anyway, prior to the brouhaha – the last time I stepped foot in one I was looking for batteries immediately prior to Sandy. (The Baby’s R Us next door had a buttload of batteries and water, incidentally)

  4. F^%# Dicks spiriting goods. I would go there if they gave away money. Hypocrites just like the liberal mongrels. It was all good until it was about money. No values to stand on, so hey fall for anything. Dick’s you can suck it

  5. Dear Dick’s: I used to shop at Dick’s a lot. It was my favorite sporting goods type store. I got a lot of gifts there. I will never again set foot in that store for the BS way they stopped carrying modern firearms. This is America, and if you don’t understand what that means, just understand it means I won’t buy anything from your stores ever again. And I don’t even own a firearm anymore. But I used to be one of those evil, horrible people that had a AR-15 style rifle. I was the one you called when you needed help, and I was the one who ran toward the shooting instead of away.

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