Run, Mike, Run

While I can’t say as I’d vote for the man, I heartily encourage Michael Bloomberg to run for president as an Independent.√ā¬†Especially if he’s going to self-fund. All of my political enemies should have an expensive and impossible hobby.

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  1. He won’t. He is using this as a means of dragging the Dems into the gun control fight. If they don’t tow his line, then he spoils their party.

    1. No. He is using it to get himself favors. Gun control, maybe. Ambassador, cabinet position, etc. He may spend money on gun control, but I’m sure it’s not his only interest in life.

    2. The Dems (at least on the presidential level) are already advocating wide-scale gun control. Bloomberg doesn’t need to drag them into anything.

  2. Here’s the trick. Hilary gets charged with a crime, Bloomers enters the race and suddenly, against Trump he is the “reasonable” candidate.

    1. I don’t see Senator Clinton being charged, per se. I can see the current president pardoning her, preemptively, which won’t do her a bit of good, though. In fact, I gotta wonder if that’s the end goal of whoever is orchestrating the leaks – to throw mud that can’t be effectively fought, and then get her pardoned before she can present a case.

      1. I’m not a lawyer. So, tell me can the Pres. Give a pardon before the conviction?

      2. Based on the latest leaks we are seeing, I see no way Hillary, Huma, Cheryl Mills and Jake Sullivan avoid prison without a pardon. They apparently have emails where these idiots did a “copy and paste” from DoD classified networks (SIPRnet/JWICS) onto a DoD unclassified terminal (NIPRnet) in order to send the info to the Clinton server. They even coordinated the act using a DoD email account.

        They can delete all the homebrew/State Dept servers they want. If they used a DoD email system then State cannot make those drives disappear.

        If the latest I read is true, a NIPRnet email containing classified info was sent to the Clinton Foundation server, which was subsequently cleansed (the 30K ‘personal’ emails). The DoD would still have those emails.

        So if they copied the data (a felony) in order to transfer to an unapproved medium (a felony), altered the classification marking in order to evade controls (a felony), knowingly transmitted that info to an unauthorized recipient (a felony…even cleared people are ‘unauthorized’ to receive data outside approved channels), stored that data in unapproved machines (misdemeanor or felony depending on intent), shared that info with unapproved persons – Blumenthal, Clinton Foundation staff (a serious effing felony) – you have enough to be served three free meals a day for 10-25 years.

        Now toss in deletion of the evidence after-the-fact and lying to cover it up. That’s not only obstruction but also conspiracy to perform the same. Felony, felony, felony…and felony (losing count).

        God help them if they used that info for any fund-raising or profiteering. That’s outright espionage. And if they gave that info to unapproved persons or nations in order to affect US Policy? That’s sedition.

        The leaks we’ve seen have been pretty solid so far (Fox is getting good data, it seems). If the latest is true, there is no way they can avoid prison short of a political pardon.

        No freaking way.

        1. Prosecutorial discretion. And, alas, most people don’t care enough; especially since it is being driven by partisans with an axe to grind.

        2. After spending 20 years in the Navy with a very high level of clearance and 7 years as a civilian with an even higher clearance. I thought why is she still walking the streets?

          1. Because nobody’s filed charges. Why that is, it’s above my paygrade – and that’s the problem. Unless you have a slam-dunk case against a presidential candidate (especially someone proven as vindictive as Sen Clinton), you make sure EVERY duck is in its row, on its marks, and all your i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

            Look at it this way – do you want to see the prosecution fail because someone screwed up due to a case of legal buck fever? I’d think it worse in that case, she’d be “vindicated”.

            (I’ve said a couple of times, this scandal is not helping her in a critical constituency – NoVA GS employees, you know, the ones responsible for making VA a swing state?)

    1. Until shortly before he ran for Mayor of NYC, he was a registered Democrat. Then he became the ultimate RINO, truly a Democrat in All But Name to avoid the Democratic party machine of NYC.

      I suspect he’ll run as a Democrat so he can get the Party support in the general election. So he’ll run only if he can horn in on the Democratic nomination (not sure what if any rules would prevent him–he’s probably too late to get on the ballot on some states) and if he believes he can beat Clinton for the nomination.

      He’s a bit of a nanny stater with an obsession on gun control but otherwise he’s a centrist Democrat. If he manages to get into the Democractic primary race, I think he would have a good shot at winning the nomination and a pretty good shot at winning the general.

      As a third party candidate (maybe Reform Party or truly independent) his chances look pretty dim to me.

      1. Filing deadlines for various states pulled together here. The big states whose deadlines have already passed are Texas and Florida; medium sized states Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, and Virginia. It looks like its possible (in terms of filing deadlines) to jump in and win but time is getting very short.

  3. Now Hilary not only has to take out a contract on Bernie Sanders, she has to go after Bloomberg too.

    Ah, the ego of multi-millionaires! (And yes, I include Donald Trump there too.)

  4. In a contest between Sanders, Clinton, Bloomberg, and Trump one of them will win, but we all lose.

    Take away Clinton, I would not bet on Trump getting elected.

    1. It would be interesting if Bloomberg could get more than just token support as an independent. In order to get elected president, you need a majority of the electoral college, not merely a plurality. So, if Bloomberg runs as an independent, carries a few states, and no candidate get a majority, then the election is thrown to the House of Representatives, which elects the president (on a modified voting basis).

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