Upgrade Complete (I Think)

I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.1 as best I can tell. The editor in WP 2.1 seems to be rather disabled, but 2.0’s editor never really worked corretly for me. I was used to writing all my posts in HTML for LiveJournal. I think I’ll have to continue doing that. Either way, at least most things seem to be working. Let me know if anything is broken.

Monday could be a slow blogging day, since I spent most of the night working on a backup script for the blog that would also store a copy offsite remotely, and then upgrading to WP 2.1. If I have time to put up a few things tomrorow, I will, but no promises.

It’s Commie Hat Day

Winter has struck hard in Pennsylvania, with temperatures in the low 20s plus wind chills, which means it’s time to whip out my Russian Army Ushanka. I generally remove the stars from them because I have issues promoting a regime that murdered millions of people, but I will admit they are warm. I often get questioned about where I got the hat from, and I’m always tempted to say “I got this hat off a dead Russian major”, but I think only gun nuts raised in the 80s would get the reference.


Looks like we were down for a while. The MySQL database for the blog is stored on my MythTV DVR, and last night it looks like my friend shut it off because she couldn’t stand looking at the light the blue LED was producing while she was trying to sleep on my sofa. I have a perfectly good bed up in the guest room! No flashing and solid blue LEDs up there!

But yeah, in my household, you can take the blog down by turning off the TV :)

Slow Blogging Day

It’s a slow blogging day for me.  Went to bed early last night, so I didn’t get anything queued up for the morning, and today I have to get some work done at work, so little posting until I get home later tonight.  In the mean time, for those joining us, scroll back for Full Auto Day.

I never realized that blog articles could be queued.  I hope that’ not revealing a big secret like that episode of The Simpsons where Homer becomes a truck driver and starts revealing the existence of the autodrive system ;)

Dumb Tests

Lots of people like to post quizzes, especially on LiveJournal.   I generally don’t, unless it’s amusing or interesting.  I’ve always found the Jungian Typology Test to be resonably interesting, and I told Bitter I’d post it, so here it is.  It’s rather long, but knowing someone’s type actually does tell you a bit about them.  I myself am an INTP.  I’ve long suspected that most gun nuts tend to be NTs and STs.  Probably the quintiessential gun type is the ISTP.  My father is an ISTP, and I actually think I share a lot of ISTP interests.  My father was not a shooter though (I got that from my crazy uncle), but got his ISTP outlet in being a volunteer firefighter.

Slow Blogging Weekend

Much like many other bloggers, my posting rate will probably be a bit slow on the weekends.  This weekend I need to finish up my painting in the bedroom loft.  This is all part of my debearification process, which is much like debathification, except it involves stenciled bears and a lot of paint, instead of Iraqi Sunnis and a lot of ammunition.


You can see the bears which were once my enemy.  Fortunately, they’ve been rubbed out by several gallons of off Behr (oh, the irony) off white paint, but I still have one last corner to up in the room’s loft.  After all the painting is gone, the next project will be depinkification, which involves getting rid of the carpet and replacing it with something, anything.

Random Conversations With My Gay Friend Andrew

Andrew: What up Seb?
Sebastian: Not much, I’ve been blogging
Andrew: Havent you been already?
Sebastian: No
Sebastian: Real blogging
Sebastian: Not a LiveJournal blogging, which is wannabe blogging.
Sebastian: I even have a blogger chick helping me pimp my blog
Andrew: So youre like Andrew Sullivan!
Andrew: Are you gonna write a book now?
Sebastian: I’m like Andrew Sullivan, except I’m not a whiny, ficklely opinionated poofter ;)
Andrew: I’d be afraid to blog, I always imagine Bush secretly abducting people who dont like him
Sebastian: That’s what AR-15s are for

Get Me Some Freon!

Today was a fantastic day here in Pennsylvania. It hit 72F, and it’s January. I drove up to Lehigh County and spent several hours at the PGC range shooting the AR-15 and the PSL. I wasn’t shooting particularly great, but it was great to be outside in January in short sleeves sunning it up at the range. If this is what global warming is like, get me some freon!

Random Conversations With an Exotic Dancer

I noticed a few blogs out there do random conversations. Every once in a while I’ll make it a feature here too. One of my friends from college ended up marrying an exotic dancer, so today’s random conversation will be with Christina the Exotic Dancer:

Christina: i have a moral dilema
Christina: whether or not to narc
Christina: although i pretty much already did so
Sebastian: narc on who for what?
Christina: well, this week i tried out a new club
Christina: and i REALLY like it and am making the best money i’ve made here so far
Christina: the manager is really nice and went out of his way to be helpful my first day
Christina: he also mentioned that he was trying to clean the place up a bit and he suspected there were there were girls there recruiting other girls to escort and if i was asked to do anything to feel free to let him know
Christina: it turns out it’s not any of the girls, but one of the bouncers, who tried to recruit me the second day
Christina: i have no problem with prostitution, which i think should be legal, and even with prostitutes recruiting clients for incall
Christina: but when customers are being taken out of the club while dancers are just signed out on a “break” that takes money away from the club, and therefore from me and other girls who don’t do that
Christina: and since i want to stay at this club i decided to narc
Christina: which my husband thinks is a bad idea because he thinks the bouncer/pimp will find out and bust a cap in my ass
Sebastian: He might
Christina: probably that is most sensible, but my moral conscience gets in the way (as does my irritation with people messing with my money)
Sebastian: Just remember, if you’re being shot at to run.
Sebastian: It’s harder to hit a moving target
Christina: thanks, i’ll keep that helpful tip in mind