Celebrate Father’s Day with Shooting Pics of Your Kids

NSSF is hosting a photo contest this month asking people to post photos of family outings to hunt or to the shooting range. They are suggesting a father-child theme in honor of Father’s Day. I suggest you enter if you have any good photos or have the chance to get to the range to take any photos this month. It’s a $50 Cabela’s gift card to the winner.

It’s an odd topic for me since my father passed away before I got involved in the issue, so I don’t even know how he would feel about it. I introduced my mom to shooting as an adult. I kind of did things backwards from how most people got involved in the shooting sports.

2 thoughts on “Celebrate Father’s Day with Shooting Pics of Your Kids”

  1. That’s Dadist – I don’t have any kids (that I’m aware of).
    And doing things backwards – me either, both my parent’s have not been into shooting and in fact they’ve been actively against it.

  2. Although I never talked to my Dad specifically about the issue, I suspect that he was pro-gun; my Mom isn’t anti-gun, and has even been hunting, but she isn’t exactly plugged into the issue either.

    It would have been nice if I had grown up with gun culture–but I’ll at least be sure that my children will grow up with an understanding of guns!

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