The NRA Range Does Indeed Rock

Got back from the NRA range.  It is quite impressive.   I like being able to shoot at 50 yards indoor.  I love the electronic controls that let you put the target out with accuracy down to the foot as well.  They allow you to shoot from holster, and the tables move out the way to accommodate sitting or prone positions.

I wasn’t shooting too well, but I found out at least that my SKS works.  That is, after I figured out why the action wouldn’t cycle to load the next round.  The knob on the front of the gas block has to go sideways.  I’m guessing for grenade launching, you don’t want the gases escaping, so the knob can turn off the gas system.   The SKS shoots great though once I got into it.

I did a little practice for the e-postal match.  Only did a paltry 28 out of 91 with the Glock, and 46 out of 91 with the Mk.III.  Still need work.  The good news is I don’t suck as much as one handed shooting as I remember, at least with the Glock.

The only downside to the NRA range is that it’s crowded.  I don’t shoot as well when I’m surrounded by distractions.  The guy next to me had his M1 Garand malfunction and started doing double and triple shots.  I’m getting too spoiled shooting on my private club range, where I usually have it to myself.  But the NRA has much much better facilities than anywhere else I’ve been.  I will definitely have to come back.

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  1. Correct, when the button is in the top position it’s for grenade launching; it cuts off gas flow to the gas tube so all the energy goes into making the munition fly.

    And that catches a LOT of people.

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