Dealing with Hippies

Countertop seems to have a great way to deal with anti-gun hippies.

UPDATE: My evil twin points out:

I think the term “hippie” is used a bit too liberally; true hippies, of which there really aren’t any younger than 65 or so, were way to mellow and stoned for strident confrontation. This was more Million Mom you-must-have-a-small-wiener NIMBY type harrassment than hippie-ish. But I think we all know the type we’re dealing with here, in any event.

I think he’s right about this.   To use an example, I once dated, before I met Bitter, a “college know-it-all” hippy 9 years my junior.  She didn’t like my habit of collecting and shooting arms.  Though, she’s hardly the type that would go up to someone and comment on something like that, she did express to me her disapproval of my hobby.

Her father, who is more of the aging stoner hippy, I don’t think really thinks too much of it.  I think he’s more of the mellow accepting type.  Somewhere along the lines things changed from the 60s style hippy, to the ones that South Park made fun of.

But possibly not.  I think what probably happened was that the 60s hippies mellowed out as they became adults, and were probably just as annoying as young adults as the current generation is today.

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  1. I have a habit of calling lots of people hippies, but the other Sebastian is more correct. In fact, she was indeed more of a million mom marcher. I was going to point out she was pretty heavily ethnic jewish/new yorker – a point which has little bearing on the overall confrontation but seems to describe vast numbers of the commie mommie types I run into day in and day out here in McLean.

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