Six Month Blogoversary

As of Today, it has been six months since I inaugurated this blog with my very first post of taking my friend Loretta shooting.   It would seem odd that I started this blog to impress Bitter, but my first post was taking another chick shooting.   But it actually makes sense if you know the context.  In the intervening time, I’ve discovered a few things:

  • Success or failure depends on getting links.  The best way to get links is to link to others, and comment on their blogs.   I commented on Bitter’s blog and SayUncle long before I started Snowflakes in Hell, and they were instrumental in helping me get started.
  • Blogging takes up a lot of time at first, but less as you get used to doing it.
  • Being able to type 80-90 words per minute is both a blessing and a curse.  You can punch out long posts much faster, but it means it’s easy to get out long posts, and so you do it more.
  • From reading blogs, I think you can either be prolific and terse, or post essays sparingly.  I tend to start skimming blogs that write too many essays.  I probably get a bit out of hand with that myself sometimes.

It’s good to be passing the six month mark.   Thanks to everyone who reads and comments.  You guys are the reason I keep doing it.

3 thoughts on “Six Month Blogoversary”

  1. Happy Blogoversary. I found your site vis Bitter’s, and although I am not a fellow gun nut I feel that between both your blogs I know more about gun rights and the issues you care about than I ever would have by simply reading newspapers or magazines. In fact, if I ever do “take the plunge” and end up buying a handgun or visiting a range, then you guys can take complete credit. :-)

  2. Eighty or ninety words per minute? I can barely do bursts at 65 wpm, and that’s when copying from source material. Do you use a Dvorak keyboard layout?

  3. I use a natural keyboard layout, which does contribute to typing speed. But it’s many many years in front of a computer and communicating through the keyboard that’s mostly responsible for the rapid typing speed.

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