Changes Afoot for GBR Range?

This range is the one we shoot at for GBR.  It’s a great facility.  Shooting out to 1000 yards from a covered firing line.  It would be a shame if Washoe County made any major changes to it, because it’s the best public shooting range I’ve ever been to.

UPDATE: Gun Blogger Rendezvous information can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Changes Afoot for GBR Range?”

  1. And what is GBR? How does someone from Pennsylvania get all the way out to Reno, NV and why?

    I’m from Carson City and I just heard about these changes as well. I can’t say that I’m surprised with the way things are going in Reno these days. More and more liberal attitudes and elected officials with liberal or controlling agendas. I hope something can change and the fees won’t increase, but I’m not betting on it. For years, the range could have made far more money just by catering to the CCW instructors and their classes. Instead, they threw up every obstacle they could to keep them out.

    I’ll be shooting an Appleseed match there at the end of Sep. and I’m betting we won’t get in there again. There’s another spot south of Gardnerville off the old Leviathin Mine Road where we can hold matches without the BS from the city of Reno.

  2. Thanks, Sebastian. I’m going to see if I can drop by the GBR during the week. I’ve never heard of it before and it looks interesting!

  3. Lone Viking

    Appleseed will be at the Washoe range for as long as the program is able/willing to supply instructors. There is a local instructor group being trained up so I expect a long successful program.

    Any changes that aren’t group/ club /shooter friendly are going nowhere…or else. The primary focus of the meetings is to reduce fees to the clubs by getting the gov orgs (currently non-paying) to start paying their share and to sort out the #@!*%!! scheduling problems and the half-a**ed park The average shooter on the “public” shooting line probably won’t see any signifcant changes except possibly(hopefully) 7 day a week access.

    There will be a long range 1000 yd practice on Friday morning.Sept 11 and there will be hand gun matches on Sat & Sun. Feel free to check it out.

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