Fun Range Time

Tongiht, after Bitter departed, I decided to give my new range membership an inaugural shoot. It’s quite fun to get back from shooting at 10PM. I started at 8:15 and ended an hour and a half later. I was pleased as punch to have an entire pistol range to myself for ninety minutes. One thing I’m discovering I need is a decent .22 target pistol. I have a Ruger Mk.II 50th Anniversary Edition, but it’s got a fairly short barrel. I’d like to get something with a longer one. If I’m going to be at the range a lot, and if it’s not crowded I will be, I need something I can shoot cheap. I’ll go broke shooting my Glock that much.

2 thoughts on “Fun Range Time”

  1. Hard to go wrong with a Ruger Mark III in any configuration. I prefer the bull barrel and use my 22/45 as cheap practice for IPSC shooting, target transitions and trigger/sight control, not recoil control. Cheap, wonderful fun.

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