Random Conversations About the Trip

Bitter: Did you count the rounds of ammo in your Glock dear? :)
Sebastian: Oh, no.  I didn’t.
Sebastian: 16 more then :)
Sebastian: So what’s my total and grand total?
Bitter: 5796 rounds for you.
Bitter: 8121 rounds total.
Sebastian: Add 1000 shotgun rounds we’ll pick up on the way to that and it’s 9121 total.
Bittter: We might qualify as insane :)
Sebastian: I think we do

5 thoughts on “Random Conversations About the Trip”

  1. Where are you going in Texas? If I might ask. I live 300 yards from Tx.

  2. Not the panhandle, hon. :P It’s okay, you’re an outsider. :)

    According to Google maps, it’s about 3 hours southwest of Wichita Falls.

  3. And I catch flak from family and friends for having merely three times that much…I may be insane, too.

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