Random Conversations With My Friend Lee Ann

Lee Ann is a friend of mine from back in the MUD days:

Sebastian: She’s back blogging now, since she found a new bitch girl
Lee Ann: ha!
Lee Ann: i told you it woudln’t last
Sebastian: She’s only 22, but really impressive
Lee Ann: really?
Sebastian: yeah
Sebastian: She seems like the kind of person who’s going places
Lee Ann: good deal
Lee Ann: it’s Bitter’s new bitch right? not yours…
Sebastian: That’s right
Sebastian: She has a pimp gun and all
Sebastian: Bitter does, I mean
Sebastian: To keep her bitches in line
Lee Ann: sweet

The pimp gun I’m referring to is her Davis Industries DM-22 derringer.


It’s only ever been fired once that I know of, and that was by me in Texas. It’s a hard trigger pull (as it needs to be), and you can’t hit crap with it, but it’s great for keeping your Bitch Girls in line!

5 thoughts on “Random Conversations With My Friend Lee Ann”

  1. I should add that I don’t know Legal’s actual age. I should ask. For birthdays and all. But I’m assuming approximately 22 since I believe she graduated this year. Wow, I feel like such a bad leading Bitch now. It seems like I need to take the girl out for a drink. And I feel old…

  2. Sebastian, looking forward to eventually meeting you & thanks for all the plugs!

    To clarify some things, I’m actually only 21, so you were right to say that I am barely legal. Haha.

    Also I’ve been accepted to U Chicago Law but am deferring for at least a year.

  3. the only problem with that type of gun, and i own a few, is that for most people if you cant hit them with the gun still in hand, you wont hit them with the rounds from them. But for a holdout punch/shoot type gun they are great, and it is damn hard to miss from

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