Can’t Get Excited

I’ve noticed a few hits from Google and a few other sites for the Kriss Super V, along with some speculation about whether there’d be a civilian version. I’ve always been one that, if you take the machine gun out of submachine gun, it just doesn’t really interest me.

I can accept semi-auto versions of assault rifles, because assault rifles are generally most useful with the selector on semi-auto, with burst and full auto mode being only for those oh so special occasions. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have M16s and M4s in my safe, than AR-15s, but I still think semi-auto ARs are great weapons in their own right, and worth owning and shooting.

But give me a semi-auto version of a submachine gun, and I just want to cry. Same with belt fed, semi-auto versions of classic machine guns. It’s just sacrilege. These weapons are meaningless as semi-automatic arms, and that’s why I don’t plan on making anything belt fed acquisitions until I can collect proper examples, that function the way God, and John Moses Browning, intended them to function.

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  1. We’ve got to work on your use of the “W” word. I don’t own any of those. I only own guns or firearms. (Or, as I prefer to call them, the babies. Cheaper to feed and cleaning isn’t as dirty as the real thing.)

  2. Yeah yeah, there are some things I’m not willing to sacrifice in the name of good PR :) We should be able to sell the public on using weapons for sport. There’s fencing, all manner of martial arts, etc.

  3. I am in favor of the W word. Once when going into Canada I was interviewed and asked whether I had any weapons in my vehicle. To which I answered it depended on what he meant.

    He then wanted to know why I couldn’t just give him a yes or no answer. I replied that I had hands, feet, knees, (at the time I even had teeth), I pointed out that I had tire changing equipment, a small assortment of tools, and even a magazine.

    He said, “Magazine??”. I told him if the OSS could teach Dorothy Kilgallen to kill with a rolled up magazine, I supposed it would be proper to consider it a weapon under certain circumstances. I don’t understand, but he called me a “smartass”. Then he went on to say I knew damn well he meant “Did I have any guns.” I told him he didn’t ask about guns, he asked about weapons and yes, I had some, but no guns. Being as I was a guest in his country, I would obey their laws. Laws I might break in my own country, due to their inappropriateness, but not as a guest in another’s country.

    He didn’t seem to eager to be friends, but he let me go on my way.

    I haven’t been to Canada in some time, now,but one thing I do remember is how polite and professional their LEO’s were as compared to ours who seem to think Intimidation 101 was the most important class they took at the academy.

    I have a son and a brother that are cops. Brother is more son than brother being 16 years younger. I believe them both to be good cops, because they take all the precautions they need but have never developed that God complex we see so often now.

  4. “Weapon” in Canada has to do with the context. A rolled up magazine would only be a weapon if you intended to threaten or injure someone with it.

    Firearms are confusing though. I don’t know whether all firearms are permanently considered weapons, or only “Prohibited” firearms (which are perfectly legal to own) are considered weapons. Nunchucku are classed as prohibited weapons, just like tasers, scary knives and .25 and .32 calibre guns.

    Sense – It’s what Canadian legislators lack.

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