I Tired to Talk Her Out of It

Bitter is hanging it up for now.  A busy work schedule is just making it too difficult for her to blog effectively.  I’m just as disappointed as everyone else is, as I’ve been reading her a lot longer than I’ve been dating her.   I do hope she’ll be back to blogging when she has time again.

Blogging is a huge time eater.  I spent nearly all my non working hours  on weeknights looking for stuff to blog about.  I get up in the morning, look for stuff.  Check in at lunch sometimes.  After work, looking for stuff for the next morning.  It’s very difficult to stay on top of the latest and make any meaningful contribution to the conversation.  I can appreciate how it can burn people out.  I do wish I could have convinced Bitter to stay around, but she’s got other things to worry about right now.

5 thoughts on “I Tired to Talk Her Out of It”

  1. Today it’s not necessary to blog regularly. With RSS feeds and feed aggregators a blog that posts once or twice a month when there is something that really lights up the author can still be effective and entertaining. I have several of them on my list. I would never have read them when I had to log into each blog separately to see if there was a post, but now google does that for me.

  2. Send them by e-mail Kathy. They get caught in the spam filter if you link them here. I have to figure out a way to fix that so it doesn’t happen. I’m always looking for stuff. But I probably don’t blog even half of what folks send me.

  3. I sympathize with her completely. As you may have noted, I comtemplated my blogging existances as well. I now just blog when I’ve got the time and what I want to blog about.

    I use it not so much to inform people or even to push an agenda, but as a vent so I won’t go nuts. My wife is not as passionate about politics, guns, or even gun rights as I am. I took a stance on not discussing politics or guns at work, seeing it is kind of PC there.

    So, I have a blog to release all of my frustrations, ideas, thoughts, and so forth and so on.

    So, Bitter even thought you may not blogs as much as you make like. Keep it up, even if it’s for therapeutic use only.

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