Random Conversations With an Exotic Dancer

I noticed a few blogs out there do random conversations. Every once in a while I’ll make it a feature here too. One of my friends from college ended up marrying an exotic dancer, so today’s random conversation will be with Christina the Exotic Dancer:

Christina: i have a moral dilema
Christina: whether or not to narc
Christina: although i pretty much already did so
Sebastian: narc on who for what?
Christina: well, this week i tried out a new club
Christina: and i REALLY like it and am making the best money i’ve made here so far
Christina: the manager is really nice and went out of his way to be helpful my first day
Christina: he also mentioned that he was trying to clean the place up a bit and he suspected there were there were girls there recruiting other girls to escort and if i was asked to do anything to feel free to let him know
Christina: it turns out it’s not any of the girls, but one of the bouncers, who tried to recruit me the second day
Christina: i have no problem with prostitution, which i think should be legal, and even with prostitutes recruiting clients for incall
Christina: but when customers are being taken out of the club while dancers are just signed out on a “break” that takes money away from the club, and therefore from me and other girls who don’t do that
Christina: and since i want to stay at this club i decided to narc
Christina: which my husband thinks is a bad idea because he thinks the bouncer/pimp will find out and bust a cap in my ass
Sebastian: He might
Christina: probably that is most sensible, but my moral conscience gets in the way (as does my irritation with people messing with my money)
Sebastian: Just remember, if you’re being shot at to run.
Sebastian: It’s harder to hit a moving target
Christina: thanks, i’ll keep that helpful tip in mind

4 Responses to “Random Conversations With an Exotic Dancer”

  1. The "Exotic Dancer" says:

    You should post the original convo that inspired this feature. It’s much funnier. This one is not really funny at all. Also, I prefer “stripper.” “Exotic dancer” makes me sound uppity.

  2. Sebastian says:

    I edited it for brevity, but the bulk of what you said is unchanged. I’ll rename the feature “Random Conversations with a Stripper”. What funny part did I cut out?

  3. A Stripper says:

    I meant the convo we had BEFORE this one – the 4-6 self-confidence convo, remember?

  4. Sebastian says:

    Ah… yes. I will get to that one in the next feature. I don’t want to overdo the random conversation thing.