Solution to Violence

According to anti-gun groups in Connecticut, we could end violence with more gun control. How do they want to get more gun control? Give felons behind bars the right to vote to control the rest of us.

The National Rifle Association and rogue gun stores are two of the culprits causing gun violence to increase, the executive director for Connecticut Against Gun Violence said Saturday, adding that residents must speak up to — or vote out — officials to demand change and save lives. …

James Hanton lamented he can’t yet vote and spur change because he’s still on parole. Tucker and others at the meeting encouraged Hanton and those on parole to continue fighting gun violence and speak with friends and family who can vote about town officials’ actions.

“Stay with the movement and keep fighting,” Tucker said.

Keep fighting for what exactly? From another report of the same gun control group meeting:

“This is what we do,” Sheldon Tucker jumped in. … “Part of what we’re doing right here. A lot of the work that we did is the reason people on parole can vote. It wasn’t like that years ago, so we got together and we fought and we fought and we fought,” he said, punching one fist into the other open hand for emphasis. “Until you can vote, still become a part of that movement. And then maybe, people on parole can vote; people in jail can vote,” he concluded to many murmurs of agreement.

When I read these articles, and I look up the records that show James Hanton convicted of burglary and larceny on multiple occasions that caused a couple of juries of his peers to demand he be locked up for 3 1/2 years, I really wonder how the leaders of groups like Connecticut Against Gun Violence can say with any sort of straight face that the NRA is to blame for crime in this country. For what it’s worth, Hanton is out on the streets after less than two years in jail. You’d think he’d see good in the fact that he’s out of prison rather than whining that he can’t vote yet.

Some Parts of Pennsylvania are Great

I love this roundup of York-area lawmakers speaking out on the Castle Doctrine veto.

  • “I was very disappointed,” said [Rep. Seth] Grove, R-Dover Township.
  • “I’m certainly disappointed, but we’re going to do it again,” [Rep. Scott] Perry said.
  • “Hopefully, we’ll revisit both of those next term,” [Rep. Eugene] DePasquale said.

It must be nice to live in such an area where all three are ready to pass more pro-rights legislation.

It’s That Time of Year Again

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to get the formal living room cleaned and rearranged for the Christmas decorations to come out. The ATF tree will make an appearance again, but it will have a few improvements over last year. The quest for more themed ornaments has led to a few interesting conversations in public, including a lament on why Macy’s would have a cowboy-themed tree and not sell any gun ornaments.

I have a ton of craft gear to make some more tobacco-themed ornaments. If anyone has suggestions for cool names or designs for retro-looking cigarette or cigar packages, please share here. I’m in desperate need of some inspiration. I’ve got lots of art deco and victorian type stickers and jewels in my little craft box.

One of my favorites is the pack of “Tarletons” that I made up. There was apparently a real brand of cigarette called Tareyton, but I didn’t find any of their ads that inspired me to copy their look. Instead, I thought of the Tarleton twins in Gone with the Wind. I mixed a blue shade of paint, pulled out my blue and silver jewel stickers, and created a very elegant & shiny box loosely based on their jackets & the feel of this scene:

That got me thinking that I might turn to more movies for some cigarette name & design inspiration. Got any suggestions? I’ve debated something Red Dawn-related since that’s the ultimate gunnie movie and it seems like it should be represented on the ultimate gunnie tree.


Gander Mountain had a special on the Ruger LCP for 290 bucks. I’ve seen them cheaper, but not locally, and ordering one from anywhere else comes with a 30 dollar FFL transfer fee. I noticed the deal in a flyer at Bitter’s mom’s in Roanoke, but there’s that whole federal law thing about not buying out of state. The nearest Gander Mountain in Pennsylvania is in Chambersburg, which happens to be on the way home, but they said they sold out the first day. Oh well. I’ll pick one up if I see one cheap at a gun show. Already have a Kel-Tec, but it’s getting kind of worn, and keeping the rust devil away is getting more difficult. I also need an LCP to match my Christmas present.

Of course, the difficulty in acquisition is because I’m not willing to buy one unlawfully. Had I been, I probably would have one in my possession now. Bitter’s mom, being unaware, offered to get one for me when I mentioned I couldn’t buy it out of state, until I mentioned that would be a felony. Who do these people think these laws are stopping? Certainly not anyone intent on breaking them.

Rendell Vetoes Castle Doctrine

Saying it promotes a “shoot first and ask questions later” mentality, Rendell has vetoed HB1926, Castle Doctrine. He’s also awfully disappointed the Senate rejected the “Florida Loophole” amendment. We’ll have to go through this all next year folks. The fat man has quacked on this one.

Video of the Day: European Parliament

Hat tip to this British MEP for telling it like it is:


The House of Commons has always seemed more rowdy, confrontational, and less congenial than our Congress. Glad to see some of that being taken to the anti-democratic European Parliament. Even in our federal system, a key concept is that the the states entered the Union with their sovereignty intact. The idea that the federal government could tell a state that it couldn’t or shouldn’t have elections is unthinkable. We’d burn down Washington if they tried to thwart elections. Apparently dual sovereignty isn’t a concept European lawmakers understand.

Man With a Gun Report

It is reported that there was a man with not just one, but two loaded guns at a local Hibachi in Roanoke, VA. Somehow this man restrained himself from shooting anyone, and also complied with the Virginia law about not drinking while carrying. Additional eyewitnesses report the same man was seen back at a residence just outside Roanoke consuming cocktails while firearms were safely stored away in the guest room. Gun control advocates are skeptical such a gun owner exists, since it is well known your average person is incapable of acting with such restraint when in the presence of firearms.

Heading home first thing tomorrow. Might buy a new pistol when I get back to PA. Will explain later.

Don’t Feed the Bears

Apparently some folks are upset about a bear named Bozo being killed during this year five day archery bear season, after a man fed the bear for 17 years. As far as I’m concerned the hunters performed a public service, and the guy who fed him needs to stop his whining and be thankful he’s not getting fined. Wild animals habituated to being fed by humans are potentially dangerous.

New Jersey is finally going ahead with a bear hunt after several years of not having one, due to Corzine caving to animal rights whack jobs. I expect this coming bear hunt is going to be protested.