Will Rendell Sign?

That’s the million dollar question. I wouldn’t care to take any bets on it. There are factors playing in both directions. Ed is a thoroughly lame duck, so your standard political calculations may not apply. He’s going to piss off an awful lot of Democrats if he vetoes, and I don’t know what kind of role Rendell wants in the Pennsylvania Democratic Party following his term as Governor. If he’s heading into his political sunset, he may do it just as a departing “screw you.”

There’s also the issue that a veto of Castle Doctrine is also a veto in favor of child molesters. More than a few state reps flipped on the concurrence vote because of that. Rendell’s line item veto is only valid for appropriations measures. He has to take this bill as a whole otherwise, so there’s no line item vetoing Castle Doctrine and letting the sex offender provision become law. I think it’s probably a safe bet Rendell will not sign the bill, but whether he’ll allow it to become law by waiting the required ten days, we’ll know on Thanksgiving. Let’s hope that on Thanksgiving, we can toast victory in Castle Doctrine.

2 thoughts on “Will Rendell Sign?”

  1. I am definitely hoping that he is planning to continue on in politics and that he is concerned for his legacy. I had not considered the lack of usual political calculations. Great point. There is, I guess, little else to do but contact the governor’s office.

  2. Local media in Harrisburg are reporting that the bill has not yet reached Rendell’s desk, so the 10-day countdown has not yet begun.

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