Who Spent What in the Connecticut Gun Control Fight?

This Wall Street Journal article is telling, in terms of who spends what money trying to fight for gun control laws.

For Connecticut’s new gun control:

Connecticut Against Gun Violence: $150,234
Mayors Against Illegal Guns: $153,011
Total for: $303,245

Against Connecticut’s new gun control:

National Rifle Association: $145,265
Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen: $24,295
NSSF: $83,344
Total against: $252,904

Our side got outspent, but remember that we’re the big-bad corporate gun lobby. They are just a bunch of concerned mayors and mothers our to pass some common sense laws to fight gun violence.

2 thoughts on “Who Spent What in the Connecticut Gun Control Fight?”

    1. Agreed. IIRC, many times this amount was spent in the Colorado “gun control” recall battle.

      On the other hand, the pro-gun side in CO was out-spent by the anti-gun side, on the order of 6:1 or 8:1 (depending on whose numbers you’re looking at), for that recall effort.

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