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By now I’m sure everyone has seen the video that Mayor Mike has put out:


Apparently this was filmed at shows in Tennessee, Ohio and Nevada, using much the same method that got Bob McDonnell to threaten Bloomberg if he came back to Virginia, and got ATF pissed off too.

What’s really disgusting about Bloomberg’s tactics, is none of these transactions and dealers shown here have anything to do with gun show loophole. It’s illegal to operate as a gun dealer, for livelihood and profit, without a Federal Firearms License. It’s illegal to knowingly sell guns to criminals. In all of these cases shown, they could be prosecuted under current laws. But he’s not going to tell you that, because the goal is to get rid of gun shows.

11 thoughts on “Bloomberg Video”

  1. I thought it was very telling that comments are disabled on the video itself at YouTube. Golly, you’d think they didn’t want people pointing out silly little things like factual omissions on their part in a public forum.

  2. As much as I’d like to ding them for that, YouTube comments make your brain hurt. I leave comments off my videos too.

  3. OK if some state law was broken, lets have some DA file extradition papers. Too much to hope that the Feds would do it.

  4. I am on dial-up and have no sound so I can’t watch the video. You are confusing me on this: “It’s illegal to operate as a gun dealer, for livelihood and profit, without a Federal Firearms License.” I thought person to person sales are allowed in a lot of states. In other words, you don’t need an FFL to sell a gun. Am I wrong?

  5. However the ATF will not tell you how many sales constitutes being a dealer, nor is being turned down for a FFL because you aren’t going to be making enough sales a defense.

  6. Er…isn’t this kind of sting illegal…that’s what ACORN thinks.

    Seriously, Bloomie pulled the same illegal acts in VA gunshops with no comebacks, so I guess he will get away with this one, too.

  7. I want to see the entire raw footage. There were a lot of cut scenes and we don’t see any actual transactions, meaning:

    Buyer: I want to buy your gun, i can’t pass a background check.
    Seller: Ok, 500 bucks please.

    Money gets handed over, guy gets the gun after he said he could’nt pass.

    Seller: Thank you, enjoy.
    Buyer: Thanks, i will.

    When i see that, Then i will officially comment. For our sake, i hope it’s the super edited, smoke and mirrors, piece of lying garbage i think it is.

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