A Huge Problem, No Doubt

After all the hubbub about the “Florida Loophole,” Florida has finally release how many Pennsylvania residents have Florida CWLs:

This follows a Daily News article last week about a loophole in Pennsylvania’s gun laws that allows residents who are denied a permit or whose permit is revoked here to obtain one from Florida.

As of Friday, 2,651 Pennsylvania residents carried a Florida permit, said Terry McElroy, spokesman for the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the agency that issues gun permits.

“We had to write a program but we did it,” he said.

Wow, no doubt those 2651 individuals in Pennsylvania (one of which is me) who have Florida licenses, are a horrible menace to the state, representing a whopping 0.02% of the population. I have no doubt the vast majority of these folks also have Pennsylvania LTCs, and, like me, hold a Florida license because it has reciprocity with many other states, including Delaware.

The Philadelphia Police and Prosecutors ran into one scumbag, and then hit the media like the sky was falling, and they bought it hook, line and sinker. This is a total non-issue.

9 thoughts on “A Huge Problem, No Doubt”

  1. That number is lower than I expected. It really displays the utter waste of time the Philly Police put in to the issue. Though I am rarely surprised by anything one of Nutter’s people do.

  2. You are right about the additional state issue. I have a LTCF, plus the equivelent from Florida and from Utah. It’s cool that i can drive into Delaware, that nets me an additional 10 miles along the trip where i can conceal before i get to Maryland on I-95, but what I was really after was reciprocity with Ohio. My father lives near Erie and we’ve gone into Cleveland many times while i was visiting. it was nice last time to be able to carry. since my father only has the LTCF, i was the only one able to carry.

    so that’s 2 FL permits accounted for. I bet we could count up 25% of the total in your readers, and 95% in the PAFOA.

  3. As a Floridian, I want to know why my Department of Agriculture is wasting money writing programs to answer questions from gun-banners in Pennsylvania.

    1. Tell Adam Putnam that as the next Commissioner of Agriculture, you want this money-wasting program to end! :)

  4. I guess the next step is a demand that florida permits get revoked simultaneously when the PPD uses its nearly arbitrary “power” to revoke PA permits.

  5. Actually the easiest thing would be to make a law that says… residents of Pennsylvania that want to carry while in Pennsylvania must have a Pennsylvania carry permit.

    Georgia’s reciprocity law is that way. Georgia resident must have a GFL to carry in Georgia. You can have all the other permits you want, they just doen’t matter while you are in state.

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