So blinded by disdain for people exercising their rights, the California chapter of the Brady Campaign is going to protest a toy drive for poor kids just because it’s being organized by an open carry group. Way to keep it classy guys.

4 Responses to “Classy”

  1. kaveman says:

    “About 10 people will protest outside the restaurant, organizer Karen Arntzen said.”


  2. Roger says:

    Hmmm, imagine what they think of the Marine Corps Toys For Tots program?
    Those Marines have deadly machine guns that spew death and dismemberment to all people near them!
    (and I’m glad they’re on my side)

  3. Stan says:

    Kind of discredits the Brady line of open carriers and gun carriers in general being dangerous loose canons ready to kill if they are willing to picket them doesn’t it?

  4. Ace says:

    Yep. There were about 10 Brady folks there.

    And at least 25+ open carry folks.

    Not to mention random people coming over to see what was going on, talk to the open carry folks, ask questions, and end up saying “Hey, I’m interested in helping out. Where can I go to find more info?”

    I heard that from about 10 or so random people.

    Meanwhile, the Brady folks were rather condescending with their comments. Not surprised there.


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