12 thoughts on “A Gun Nut Merry Christmas”

  1. Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like shotgun shell Christmas Tree lights and alcohol!

    Love you guys!

  2. Decided to leave the “Explosives” out of the festivities?!


    Looks great. Quite unique!

  3. Is that a stick of TNT at the top of the tree (with fuse)? For “E”xplosives?

  4. Where did you get those nifty cigarette orniments?

    The wife probably wouldn’t be too impressed, but I wouldn’t mind one of those lucky strike ornaments!

  5. Yes, we decided to include the “E” through the tree topper. I debated getting an “E” for the banner when I was at the craft store, but it was decided that more people would get the reference of simply “ATF.” So Sebastian suggested that I pull out my paints and create a stick of dynamite for the tree topper since we otherwise didn’t have one that really kept with the theme. I added the the silver beading “TNT” just to give it that holiday sparkle, and we had a tree topper.

    As for the cigarette ornaments, those are the biggest reason we didn’t have the tree done last year as planned. We were running short on shotgun shell lights last year, and since I didn’t have any “T” ornaments in mind, I just threw in the decorating towel. But this year, I realized I could make my own. I bought wood at craft stores, picked up a few colors of paint, got some letters in different sticker fonts, and went searching the internet for inspiration from vintage cigarette cartons.

    For example, I know the brand is really Lucky Strike and they don’t have any references to bowling on the package. But as is, their older packages were a little too plain and too `70’s. So I found a bowling pin & ball decorative piece, repainted them to match the colors of the package, and had some fun. Same with the Regent Slims. Their package was more subtly ornate, but when I found the little crown inspiration in the scrapbook aisle, it was just perfect. Searching for all the little things to make the cartons perfect for a Christmas tree was the biggest delay to getting the tree up this year.

    Most of the alcohol ornaments are just little bottles filled with either the original beverage, a substitute (because we already drank the original), a mix of vinegar & food coloring, or just empty if they look prettier as a plain bottle. I have a couple of handmade ones that don’t show up in these pictures, and there a surprising number of mass market alcohol-themed Christmas ornaments for sale.

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