9 thoughts on “Holy Canister Shot Batman!”

  1. It’s supposed to have an 800 yard range.

    I wonder if it would be legal to mount a blackpowder cannon on a [legally-purchased] tank… Then fire some canister rounds through that.

    It’d probably be easier just to mount a gatling gun… which still would be awesome.

  2. I wonder how they’d feel about that at my local skeet range.

    Although from a military standpoint, I would have loved to have a round like that for the 76mm on BEAR.

  3. I’m not entirely sure why this has taken “research” to develop. AFAIK the M60, with it’s 105mm main gun, had just such a round. I’m not sure if it’s some sort of memory error on my part, but I seem to remember the M1IP’s, which have a 105mm gun, had a selector for APERS-T which is basically the same thing.

    We’d been told they were “researching” how to make these things work in the 120mm. I think they were simply “researching” whether it would work with the Geneva Convention, etc.

  4. Pretty cool photography. It’s amazing that they can track the thing. Also, you can see the shock wave leading the canister.

  5. Cool. Only, why was taxpayer money spent to develop this when the Israelis have been manufacturing a 120mm antipersonnel flechette round compatible with NATO-standard 120mm tank guns for 25 years?

    I’m sure this works well and I’m sure it’ll save American lives, but how much cheaper would it have been to buy off-the-shelf from IMI?

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