Garden State of Eden

Well, I guess it’s not so much if almost half the people in the state want to get out:

The latest poll found 28 percent of people wanting to leave citing America’s highest property taxes as the leading reason; 19 percent mentioned the state’s generally high cost-of-living, with 6 percent citing housing costs and 5 percent citing state taxes.

Other top reasons for wanting to leave New Jersey include the weather, environment, longing for a change of scenery, overdevelopment, congestion and government corruption.

Half of those wanting to leave want to move to the Southeast, with Florida and North Carolina the most popular choices, the poll found.

We’re getting a lot of migration from New Jersey too.  Not mentioned are New Jersey’s gun laws as a reason for leaving.  Around these parts, we certainly know a few.

Hat tip SayUncle

2 Responses to “Garden State of Eden”

  1. PN NJ says:

    It’s mostly taxes and housing costs. Everything else is pretty much the same as other states, although our nanny socialism rating does tip the scale at “entrenched brain-dead Democrats and liberal activist judges”. (If you think other states are significantly less corrupt than NJ you aren’t looking very hard.)

    A large percentage of the people leaving are retirees who sell their houses and move to cheaper, warmer locations. Ironically, many of these emigrants include former NJ public employees whose retirement and health care benefits are a major factor driving continual tax increases.

  2. Robb Allen says:

    And they all want to move to my state and #@%^& it up.

    I need to push harder for Florida Open Carry so I can attempt to entrench the idea of self reliance in what’s left of my state before everyone here is from out of town!